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Top 3 Sites Like Etsy You Can Try in 2023

Top 3 Sites Like Etsy You Can Try in 2023

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As a manufacturer and a seller, an e-commerce site like Etsy is a good option to manage your sales and expand your business to a wide customer base. However, if you want to look for different alternatives to grow your business, we’ve reviewed three sites like Etsy you can try today.

Etsy Overview

Etsy was established to support handmade artists and help them grow their ideas into successful businesses. It’s a marketplace for many creative goods, from crafts to vintage items. They currently have over 5.3 million sellers with over 90 million customers around the globe. As demand increases, the competition among sellers becomes more fierce. That’s why many artists start seeking other alternatives to attain higher revenue.

3 Sites Like Etsy – Top Alternatives to Try

Amazon Handmade

This program allows only artisans with handcrafted items to sell their products. For registration, you need to have an Amazon Professional Selling account to unlock the seller’s benefits that can help boost your sales. After application, you need to wait for approval from Amazon to become a seller.

Once you’ve become an approved seller, you can list your products for free, unlike Etsy, which charges $0.20 per item listing. Amazon will also waive your monthly referral fee after the first month upon approval.

However, Amazon will take 15% for each product sold. The percentage is higher than Etsy, which usually gains a lower commission (5% plus transaction fees) from your per item sale. Thus, to cover your business expenses and gain profit, you need to place a slightly higher price for your item.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is a home for antique and vintage items. It is specially made for vintage artists to sell their arts, collectibles, and more. Most of the customers browsing on Ruby Lane have the same goal–finding vintage items. Thus, you will have an easier time compared to selling on Etsy, which has wider categories that can cause your shop to lie flat among other vendors.

In addition, you can gain more profit selling on Ruby Lane. From registration to item listings, everything is free. You also don’t have to pay the maintenance fee when listing 15 items in a particular month. That being said, Ruby Lane charges almost nothing on you, except for a 9.9% for every purchase order total.

Just Artisan

By developing a platform exclusively for artisans who produce handmade goods, Just Artisan can assist artisans in maximizing their profit. The most important factor, however, is that you or your group produce the goods. This site does not allow any reselling or outsourcing of products.

This approach is different from Etsy, where you can resell items from other brands or outsource your products. It makes this platform special where all talented artists are gathered in one art community. You can gain customers who truly appreciate the arts and value your crafts.

This platform takes 7.5% of each sale’s transaction. This charge is higher than Etsy, which takes a lower percent from your sale. However, you are able to open a shop, list items for sale, and even get business support with a fully-featured dashboard, all for free.

Resale & Marketplaces

There are now many easy resale sites that also let you sell your own products and handmade goods. Consider these as great alternatives since they do have a built in customer base and offer all the tools for listing, shipping and tracking orders.

Sell Directly Through Social Media

Did you know that many social platforms now make selling easy? Here are some more ideas on places to sell your goods.

  • Facebook & Facebook Marketplace
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Youtube

More Options to Create Your Own Site

Not interested in the marketplace model? Consider creating your own site on one of these easy website builder platforms.


When selling items in online marketplaces, you must choose the right platform to help you reach your business goals. Similar to Etsy, the three websites covered above allow for free registration, so it may be worthwhile to attempt setting up shop there.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.