The Benefits Of Free Samples

You know the feeling of overwhelming joy in your heart when you realize you've walked into the grocery store on Free Sample Saturday? There's no better feeling than knowing you have free cocktail sausages or 1 oz. cups of pasta waiting for you in each aisle.

What if you could feel that way everyday? Free samples are the spice of life and with the site, they've never been easier to obtain.

And the best part? Though we all love free things, samples can actually offer a much greater benefit than just nibbling on free sausage and cheese cubes.

The Benefits of Sampling

  1. Try A Little Bit of Everything, Commitment Free: So you've wanted to test that new garlic bread? Or what about those diabetes socks? And you've had your eye on the exfoliating face wash for months. With Start Sampling, you can try a wide range of products at absolutely no cost. If the garlic bread tastes like cardboard, you haven't lost anything. You can find new products, run an experiment before switching brands, or be adventurous and take a risk on those new chewable vitamins. If it doesn't work out, keep in mind that you didn't have to spend money to give it a try.
  1. Read About Products: Start Sampling requires product reviews, so you have the chance to read up on what others are saying. You can read about the face wash you were thinking of trying or let others know that your garlic bread tasted like cardboard. Reviews are a great way to see what others are saying about products so you can gauge whether or not it's even worth your time to sample. Helpful or positive reviews usually have tips and tricks from others that you may not have thought of on your own. Maybe someone found a cool way to spice up the bread and they're sharing tips to help others out. The site also runs a forum, in case the review space isn't enough to really spill your guts about those diabetes socks.
  1. Find Coupons: Start Sampling also offers coupons for the products you've sampled. One of the biggest problems with coupons is that sometimes, you don't know whether or not you'll enjoy the product, but buy it because you have the coupon. With Start Sampling, you can receive coupons for products you already know you like. So, you're saving money on the products you'll use and not wasting money on products you don't really need.

What's the Catch?

While this all sounds well and good, is there a catch? We know the drill, get something for free, give something back, or get charged down the road.

Start Sampling only requires that users provide feedback for the products they've tried. The reviews are required as a form of payment, and you can't receive more samples until you've shared your findings with others. You don't have to enter credit card information when signing up, so you know you won't find bogus charges on your statement a few weeks later.

What about the companies? What do they get for participating? Start sampling offers companies a pretty nice benefit package for providing free samples on their site. For offering up their products to the sampling masses, they receive marketing research, sample showcases, fulfillment services, media services, and direct mail. They are part of a much larger line of business than just free sampling, but you still reap the benefits. These benefits are great for smaller companies that need help establishing a digital presence, having their products delivered with reliable fulfillment services or establishing a target audience.

And that's it. No more catches. No hoops to jump through. No credit card numbers to enter. Enjoying that “Free Sample Saturday” feeling at the grocery store can be yours everyday!

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