The Best Ways to Turn Your House into a Smart Home

Evolution and change are pretty inevitable, the environment around us is dynamic, and we will witness modifications in technology almost every day. Most of these changes tend to work in our favor because they tend to make our lives easier.

Now, with all these technological advancements, wouldn’t you want to create a tech-savvy environment for your house? Well, with a few additions and tweaks, you can transform your house into a smart home complete with an automatic lock and wireless video doorbell.

Some gadgets may seem like they came straight from a Sci-Fi movie, and you may have some irrational insecurity that the house may turn on you! However, we recommend that you leave those fears for the big screen because these gadgets are as safe as they come. Let’s say, when you have a smart home, you will never feel lonely again (not in a creepy way though).

Smart lock your front door

Burglars and intruders are primary concerns for any house owner, especially if you live by yourself. The security of your house should be the first point of your home-setup-checklist before you go about thinking about what wallpaper will match the carpets. Smart locks are a great concept that allows you to access entry into your house with your smartphone. Once you install the smart lock, it will pair with your phone and your family’s phones if you wish. Now, you don’t have to wonder if you left your door unlocked and stress about it for the rest of the day. Let your phone do it for you! However, you have to be extremely careful with the security of your phone as it’s directly linked to your home security as well. So, try not to lose it.

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Wireless video doorbell

Peepholes are a thing of the past, and the future is all set for video doorbells. With this ingenious innovation, you don’t have to walk to the door to look at a screen and find out who is waiting for you. With the wireless video doorbell, you can see your visitor from the comfort of your couch, on your phone. The video doorbell includes motion sensors that detect when you have a visitor at your doorstep before they ring your doorbell.

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Let’s say you’re binging your favorite show, and you’re comfortably nestled in your couch with some throw pillows and your favorite blanket. Suddenly, it gets warm, and you don’t want to get up because if you do, you will miss a significant plot point from your show. Well, smart thermostats to the rescue! Not only can you adjust the temperature from your phone but you can also save money on electricity bills. Smart thermostats are perfect because you can choose your ideal temperature and not have to worry about shelling out extra money on bills.

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Smart Smoke detector

Installing a smoke detector in your house is essential. Insurance companies insist on it, and it’s also a proactive move towards protecting your home from any tragedy. When you install a smart alarm, you’re linked to the internet, so in case of a fire or any abnormal monoxide readings, you will receive a notification on your phone; this will be extremely useful when you’re away from home as you would still be able to know what’s happening even while you’re not there. You can also go for a full subscription service that will direct your alarm to a call center, and if you’re unable to reach your home in time, the company managing your alarm will dispatch emergency services to handle the crisis immediately.

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Home assistants

home assistant

Think of your home assistant as a friend who is ready to help you with whatever information you need. These artificial intelligence pods are programmed to answer whatever questions you may have; they work on voice commands and can be programmed to handle various activities in your house. Some of the common things they can handle are setting the alarm, turning off the coffee machine moments before you wake up, switching the lights on or off, and controlling the thermostat temperature.

Smart TV

This concept has gained popularity over the last few years. Your TV can now function as an operating system, complete with an internet connection as well. You can control the functions with the help of voice command and gain access to online streaming services along with satellite TV channels as well.

The future of your home renovation is going ‘smart,’ and you can get your home ready by installing any or all of the items listed above. However, it’s crucial that you research your smart gadgets well before you end up buying one.

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