Top 6 Tracking Apps for Contact Wearers

People who wear contact lenses often forget that it is time to change them, or even forget to keep track of how they use them so they can share that information with their optician. Thanks to technology, taking care of your contacts has never been easier. It is possible to have regular updates and reminders coming directly from your smartphone to you. This article describes six of the top contact lens tracking apps available today.

1. Contact Lens Reminder

This app is designed to assist those who are always forgetting to change their contact lenses. The app is simple and easy to use, with the user's only required action being to select their lens type. The rest of information will then be displayed on the screen of their mobile device. The screenshot information would include the type of lenses (e.g one month lens), the date the lenses were changed and the date they are due for a change. There will also be an indication as to the number of useful days left for the lenses.

2. Contact Lens Tracker

This tracker allows the user to quickly and efficiently keep track of how they use reusable contact lenses. The application gives them the ability to share information on their lens usage with their optician when they need to have a prescription. That will ensure that they are purchasing the type of lenses that are most appropriate for their use and at the best price. It will also help them keep track of due dates for changing their lenses, as some reusables recommend that they change packets more frequently based on the number of uses.

Required action: User will simply press the ‘Open Packet' button when they start a new pack of reusables. They will then specify the change/expiration date for that set of lenses.

3. My Contact Lens

This app is designed to help the those who wear lenses keep track of their lens usage in a number of ways. These include changing, removing, hygiene, centering and laying. The app can be used to track all lenses that are available on the market. The packaging or type does not matter. It supports both soft and rigid contact lenses. Users are given the due date for their lenses as well as automated notifications for the renewal of their lenses.

4. Contact Lens Usage Tracker

Whether it's expiry dates or limited use count, this application makes your life easier by helping you keep track of your lenses. It records the history of your usage and allows you to attach notes about the lens you are using. That makes it easier for future reference when you view your history.

5. Metro Optics Custom Contact Lenses Order system

This is a free app that guides the customer through the process of placing an order for prescriptive custom contact lenses. It gives access to Metro Optics full line of GP & Soft products, and allows for empiric and diagnostic fitting approaches. Customers can use the built-in camera of their mobile to upload images of their eye if they need to include corneal topography information in their order. They are sent email updates on their order.

6. forEyes

forEyes keeps track of and reminds the user when it's time to change their disposable contact lenses and open a new pack. If you did not wear the lenses for a day, the app notes that and adjusts the expiration date accordingly.

These apps are great helpers for those who wear contact lenses.

Chelsea Hasbrouck is an optical technician. She enjoys keeping up with all the advancements in eye technology and sharing her insights on various blogs. Visit the to find out how to order contact lenses online.

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