Things to Remember When You Go for Piano Shopping for the First Time

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Pianos are one of the most popular instruments among music lovers and aspiring musicians for its classical appeal and the range and variation that it offers. However, they also happen to be one of the trickiest and the most expensive instruments to play.

Things to Remember When You Go for Piano Shopping for the First Time

Buying a piano can be very confusing because they are not as simple as other instruments such as guitars or drums. Numerous features make one piano different from another. If you are planning to shop for your first piano, here are a few things that you should be remembered. 


Pianos can be very expensive, therefore the first thing that you need to do is to define how much you are willing to invest in your instrument. The price of the piano usually does affect its quality in terms of keys, sound and other features, however, it does not always mean that a great piano will always be expensive. For example, Baby Grand Acoustic pianos that are often used as part of an interior decoration piece are much more expensive. Portable digital keyboards are much cheaper than upright or baby grand pieces.

Type of Piano

Once you have your budget sorted, decide what type of piano you want. There are primarily two main types of pianos: acoustic and digital pianos. While acoustic pianos produce natural piano sounds, digital pianos produce sounds that are digitally sampled from acoustic pianos. Although acoustic pianos are generally more expensive, it does not necessarily mean that anyone who has a budget should directly buy an acoustic instrument. An acoustic piano can be quite challenging for a beginner to figure out, therefore if you are a beginner and are aiming to learn the instrument from scratch, you should start with a digital piano even if you do not have any budget constraints. 

Space Dimensions

Pianos are one of the bulkiest music instruments and they require a decently sized area that allows accommodating the piano, its ancillary accessories and peripherals, and the player. Pianos are available in different sizes, therefore make sure you have the dimension of the space where you plan to locate your piano. If you have space constraints or are living in a very small space, it is recommended that you go for a portable piano instead of a Baby Grand or an Upright one. A portable piano can be easily slipped under your bed when you are not using it

Key Sensitivities

When it comes to playing the instrument, the sensitivity of keys to the fingers and its weight play a vital role in producing the right sounds and notes. Of course, it takes a lot of practice to get your finger work right to get the right notes, however, poor key sensitivity and weight will result in mediocre sound even when your finger work is decent. This is usually a common problem with cheaper digital pianos. If you are planning to buy a beginner level digital piano, consider something like a Yamaha P115, since it has an 88-key weighted keyboard with key sensitivity that is close to a professional grade acoustic piano.

Other Features

Modern pianos today come with additional features that can enhance your learning and playing experience. If you are a beginner, look for features such as easy user interface, larger sound sampling palette, good connectivity options and technical support such as smartphone applications.

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