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What Types of Items Can Be Used for Self-Defense?

What Types of Items Can Be Used for Self-Defense?

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Although nobody wants to be attacked or live through the trauma of getting robbed or harmed, these things still happen in life.  Regardless of whether you're an office worker who occasionally has to go home late at night, or you work day shifts in a lousy part of town, you may be considering what to do about your safety.


Rather than having to hope you can get away and run as fast and far as possible, you could instead arm yourself in some way.  These tools aren't meant to let you feel comfortable seeking out danger but are instead tools to help you get away from harm.


Keychain Weapons

A self-defense keychain is the most obvious thing people think of when considering self-defense.  Not only do you have a variety of options, ranging from knuckle dusters to monkey's fist knots, you can also find things that suit your aesthetic tastes.  You should be careful, though, since some tools have controversy and may not be legal.


The monkey’s fist, a weighted slung shot weapon, is illegal in many parts of the United States.  Michigan, New York, and Oklahoma all outlawed this because it can cause damage.  This idea means it's excellent for self-defense as something to smack someone to get them away, but be wary about what you do with it.


The man thing to realize is although these are for self-defense, all of these tools are still weapons that can severely harm someone.  Cause enough damage to defend yourself and getaway, and no more.


Sound Makers

Whistles, alarms, and mini sirens have all been popular to use since the moment each of them was invented.  These compact noisemakers let everyone around you know that what's happening isn't what you want.  Although this can't do much physically to stop attackers, it might stun them into stopping or scare them away to give you a chance to run and escape.  Whistles don't alert people as much as they used to but are easily hidden.  Sirens and alarms have the added effect of drawing everyone's eyes directly to you.


When this happens, pick one person out of the crowd to ask for help.  Name them by something they're wearing or their hair color- although it's easy for people to think someone else will help when they're in a crowd, singling them out will make some people feel responsibility and break into action.  


Pepper Spray and Tasers

These weapons are a lot more dangerous than others on the list.  Not only can these harm attackers into letting you go if you misuse them, but you could also accidentally hurt yourself further.  Make sure to aim your weapon of choice at only the assailant, and keep your finger firmly on the taser or spray button.  If you accidentally get hit by it, you could make yourself a sitting duck waiting for an attack.  Take the time to get to know your weapons, practice using them to the best of your abilities, and help keep yourself safe in uncertain times.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.