What’s Age Got to Do with It?

The highlight of the Kiwanis District Convention that I attended this weekend was that I got carded to buy a drink. The compliment didn't last long though when the bartender sees my age and says Sorry.

I almost hate adding more “requirements” to my list because each addition filters more prospects out, but a girl's gotta have goals, even if they may be unattainable. So, we are on the age requirements.

My ideal man would be my age or slightly older, but not too old. I've had my mom say about dates “He is closer to my age than yours” and that doesn't set well. My mom is 18 years older than me. So, the guy can't be over 8.9 years older than me to be closer to my age.

A younger guy may be alright if he is mature and extremely hot (and not closer to my son's age than mine!) And an older guy may be considered after I've researched his equity portfolio compared to his life expectancy.


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    Burt August 13, 2006
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    kim August 13, 2006
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    J.G. August 22, 2006
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    John Schlarb October 17, 2006

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