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Collage of Kim wearing glasses

So remember when I ordered new glasses a couple months ago? Well, I wasn't really feeling the love like I thought I would, so I proceeded to order a couple, okay four, more pairs. Luckily when buying online, I still paid less for five pairs of eyeglasses than I would've paid for one at the optometrist office.  But I'm still not loving any of them! And I need to pack a pair to wear this coming weekend when I go to New York City for Affiliate Summit.  So please vote and tell me which pair you think looks best on me.  You can click here for a bigger image view. And you can read my commentary about each pair below.

1. Oupeng Sears Semi Rimless frame  – this is the first pair that I bought from Ozeal Glasses and are probably still my fave of the bunch, although they are a tad flimsy.

2. Touch by Alyssa Milano 105 in Purple Ombre – I was happy with the quality of the last pair of glasses that I got Coastal.com, but these are not as sturdy due to the metal bow instead of a plastic bow.

3. Zenni Optical #339627 Frames – I thought these seemed too narrow until I saw the photo of myself, and now I think they look too wide! But hey, glasses are only $6.95 at ZenniOptical.com  and you can add polarized clip-on sunglasses (matched the exact size of your glasses with no annoying tabs) for only $3.95 extra, so I'm definitely going to keep looking here.

4. Firmoo #F1003 SemiRimless Plastic Frames – My beloved photographer (aka my daughter Tatym) likes these best. I like these, too, but the bows are too tight and push against my temples (I must have a big head).

5. Firmoo #OMJ353 Rimless Frames – I thought the rimless look would appear more like I wasn't wearing glasses, but my daughter (said photographer from above) insists that they make me look like an old grandma!

So, what's your take? Which glasses do I look best in?

Collage of Kim wearing glasses

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