Yay Food: How Rachel Rofe Lost 100 Pounds

Rachel Rofe of Yay Food

I met Rachel Rofe a few months ago via a mutal friend.  Rachel lost 100 pounds (and 16 dress sizes) by calorie cycling.  She was featured on the cover of Woman's World Magazine in November 2007 and shares her weight-loss success story on yayFOOD.com.

Rachel called her site “yayFOOD” because she wants people to know that this diet isn't one in which people would starve and be hungry. Dieters on her calorie cycling plan can still shout at the end of the day, “YAY! Food!”

Rachel's site offers weight loss articles, health reports, the strategy of calories cycling, and interacts with members on her forum.  She is super-sweet and inspiring to talk to.

Since I'm always on the lookout for ways to drop a few pounds, I think I'm going to give this diet a try.  I've done some research on calorie cycling, and read that it has become a popular diet technique because it can help people lose 10 pounds or more in less than 2 weeks!  Count me in!  See you there.

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