You Cannot List Coke Rewards Points On Ebay (But You Can On Listia)

Bag Full Of Coke Reward Points

I learned this lesson the hard way.

I miss the days when you could add unlimited Coke Rewards Points at at one sitting. Then they changed it a limit of 120 points per week, then 100 points per week. You can now only add 75 points per week! I drink more Diet Coke than I can enter in one week, plus a lot of weeks I forget to enter them (or forget to remind Tatym to enter them for me)!

So, I thought I had this brilliant idea to sell my unused Coke Rewards codes on eBay. I listed 150 Diet Coke caps worth 450 points (each lid is worth 3 points each). The bid on my listing was up to over $20 (plus shipping), and I was getting all excited thinking how I could stock on 6-packs of Diet Coke bottles when they were on sale for $2 each and actually make money doing this! And then I got this email from eBay…

Your listing has been removed: Lottery Tickets

eBay generally doesn't allow the sale of game pieces, codes and coupons for sweepstakes, raffles, or drawings that offer a chance to win something, with a few exceptions.

For more information on this policy, go to:

We do not allow the sale of any product reward/loyalty codes (such as: Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Coke) where the codes can be entered into a raffle/sweepstake/drawing for cash or prizes. The reason for this is because these items are considered lotteries, which are regulated by several different state and federal laws, since we cannot ensure these laws are being followed we have decided to not allow these items on our site. While we are grateful that you have chosen eBay to list this item, we must ask that you not relist.

Damn My Coke Rewards for offering sweepstakes! I wish they'd stick to just offering rewards. Does anyone actually know anyone that has really won a My Coke Rewards contest? I sure don't!

Anyway, someone had emailed me when I had my listing saying that sometimes (but not always) eBay will delist Coke codes, and that I could list for sale on Listia if so. Get a 1,000 Free Listia Credits for joining Listia through this link.

So I listed my unused Coke rewards points on Listia. Listia works on a point system where $1 = 3500 Credits.  Since I was a new user, I had people email me  there, too, giving me tips.

Tips for listing items on Listia

  • Offer free shipping (so they can use only points for the purchase and not have to use “real” money for shipping)
  • Offer tracking on shipping
  • If newbie, list credentials in description, as experienced users are leery of newbies trying to scam people. So, I edited my description to say that I had listed on eBay, and they can check out my 100% rating there.

Then I started to get bids. Unfortunately, I didn't know all these tips until the day before my listed ended. It sold for 48050 point which equates roughly to $13.72, then if you subtract the $5.05 priority shipping with tracking, I made $8.67. Better than nothing I guess.

P.S. I just noticed that the guy I sold to is selling 75 Coke Points for 25,000 points on Listia! So obviously he plans to make money off my codes, but he offers to deliver the codes digitally, which I think would've been a pain to type out 150 codes. People are also selling one BoxTop with free shipping. Crazy. I need to look into this site more.

Do you use Listia to buy or sell anything?


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