10 Fun Ideas for a Family Day This Spring

Family Fishing Trip

Spring is coming up fast, which means you can finally leave the harsh, freezing temperatures of winter behind you and begin enjoying the sun again. Spring opens the door to so many fun activities, and the possibilities are endless. This season is also filled with dozens of family bonding opportunities, and what better time is there to make these bright memories?

  1. Take Your Family on a Camping Trip.

Spring is the best time for camping – the weather is great, and campsites can be quite beautiful. Bugs can be fought off with some bug spray or repellant, so all you need to do is find the perfect campsite and figure out your sleeping arrangements. Whether you settle in a tent and sleeping bags or a nice camper to shelter you from the outdoors, camping can be a great time for entire families no matter their age.

  1. Take Your Family Fishing.

Whether it be lake, pond, river, or ocean, fishing is always a fun time and great for bonding experiences; many people can recall the first time they learned how to fish and the adrenaline they got from their first catch. Leaving a fishing trip empty handed is an unfortunate risk you’ll have to take, but there are measures you can take to increase your chances of finding an exciting catch. Check out baitcasting reel reviews for the best fishing rod and reel to fish with. And if you’re concerned about finding fish, check out villagefishmongernyc.com for some unique fish finder options.

  1. Plan a Beach Day.

If a beach is within a decent proximity to you and your family, this could make for a very fun experience. If you live a further distance away however, this could pan out to be an entire vacation. Sunscreen is a must have for this activity. Between playing in the sand, the water, and exploring the sights and wildlife, beaches have a lot to offer.

  1. Organize a Family Picnic.

This activity requires a little planning ahead, like scouting for the ideal picnic location and food preparation, but it is a very fun and simple option that is also cost-effective. If you plan your picnic near a playground, all the better! Playgrounds usually have access to picnic tables and other amenities, while also offering activities for both younger and older children.

  1. Spend a Day (or Evening) Mini Golfing.

There are few joys greater than the joy of miniature golfing. This game can also teach younger children patience while adding a little healthy competition to your family. Some locations have themed putt-putt, which is always a fun change up from your usual evening shenanigans.

  1. Plant a Garden.

Getting down in the dirt with your family can be fun for all ages and even the most girly of little girls can temper the dirt and get excited about the potential for flowers and other plants to bloom. Everyone can learn a lot from the process of planting something and nurturing it until it is full grown.

Here are some good flowers and vegetables that are good to plant in the spring:

  • Dahlias
  • Gladiolas
  • Daisies
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Peppers
  1. Go on a Bike Ride.

Bike rides give you more flexibility than just a simple family walk because you are able to cover more distance more easily and expand the opportunities for places to see and to visit. Always wear a helmet for safety and any other protective gear necessary!

  1. Decorate Easter Eggs.

When Easter time rolls around, egg decorating is a creative way to spend time with your family in a more hands-on manner. Each family member can show off their artsy side with their egg creations.

  1. Go Canoeing or Kayaking.

If a water source is close enough to you, an afternoon filled with canoeing or kayaking is good for an arm workout and a splashing contest.

  1. Build a Simple Bird Feeder.

Bird feeders can be very easy to put together and bring a lot of enjoyment to children as they see birds and other critters enjoying a meal on a craft they worked hard on to build.

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