3 Tips to Use Tech to Save Hours Every Day

3 Tips to Use Tech to Save Hours Every Day

Your smartphone is a powerful productivity tool that can help you save hours every day. When you combine the power of your phone with the right apps, mundane tasks become easier. And once you add the power of connected devices, your phone becomes a productivity powerhouse.

Here’s how you can take advantage of the timesaving features offered by the technology you may already own.

1. Make Use of Your Phone’s Integrated Apps

Android phones offer a wealth of integrated features that can save you hours of busy work each week. Google’s calendar integration and reminders can supercharge your productivity, especially if you also use apps that use Google’s API to extend the capability. Voice-activated features enable you to dictate notes and search for simple information while you are on the go. Sophisticated voice processing programs learn your voice and accent over time. There is little need to type using your phone’s tedious keypad anymore. 

The best thing about the integrated apps is they play well together. The productivity-boosting power will increase in 2019, thanks to the 5G processors featured in your next phone upgrade. What is 5G, you ask? Fifth-generation processors offer faster and more sophisticated processing that expand your phone’s existing capability and expands the ability to integrate with smart connected devices. Modern smart devices also leverage 5G technology to offer more useful features and functions.

2. Explore the World of Connected Devices

If you use connected devices like a security system or other smart appliances, then you’ve likely experienced the time-saving potential — and convenience — these devices offer. 

For instance, while you’re on your way home from work, you can get dinner started by turning on the oven and make sure the lights are on all from your smartphone. You can even alert your security system when you are away from the house, setting the alarm from your phone if you forgot to do so on your way out the door. Automating these devices allows you to effortlessly manage your home from wherever you are.

3. Use Automation and AI

Advances in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) open time- and money-saving possibilities. For example, there is no longer any need to heat (or cool) your home to your ideal temperature throughout the day. Instead, program your smart thermostat to maintain a specified minimum temperature throughout the day then adjust a half hour before your first family member returns home. 

Further integration with apps adjusts the time if you are running a little late or are coming home early due to a canceled appointment.

Here are a couple of apps that offer entry-level tools to use automation to supercharge your productivity:

  • Zapier is an app that automates some of your tasks and time management by creating calendar events, notifications or other actions in response to specific things. For example, if a meeting or school fundraiser event is canceled in your calendar, Zapier can text you and anyone else who needs to know. The options are endless as there are over 100 productivity apps that integrate with Zapier. 
  • IFTTT also offers automated actions similar to Zapier. You create simple recipes where an action in one app triggers an action in another. Not only do these integrations work with Android apps and web apps, they work with selected connected devices like a smart thermostat, security systems or smart LED lighting. 

Today’s smartphones and connected devices offer capabilities that surpass yesterday’s science fiction fantasies. Best of all, these tools can keep you organized and help you save time and money every day.

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