6 Great Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

Giving the man you love a special and romantic gift for a special occasion should not be a tough thing to do or an expensive thing to do. If you know your man pretty well, you will have a pretty good idea of the things he enjoys or the things he loves to do that can give you a great idea. Think about what his favorite hobbies are or his favorite wine or food, the color he likes best and so forth.

Gift giving

What you want to do is give him an inexpensive but romantic gift that is all about him and his personal preferences.

Remember as well that when you get your man a special gift, it needs to be something practical. Guys are not all about stuffed teddy bears or furry and fluffy pink things. Honestly, they would prefer a six pack of beer over that and be very thankful for it. So think practicality and think wisely when choosing the gift.

Below are five inexpensive gifts that won’t break your bank, but they are also practical and romantic.

1. Grooming Kit

Men these days really do care a lot about their grooming and they usually do this on a daily basis. Men love to feel good, look good and smell good and you can help him achieve that look and feel with a nice grooming kit. A complete set is always the way to go. Find a kit that has some nice cologne you know he loves and you do too, some shaving cream, hair products, body washes, moisturizers, a nice shaver and deodorant. Buy a nice manly pouch to put your kit together.

2. Clothing

If you really want to go with practical, for under $100 you can do something really nice with apparel. If he works for a big corporation, a nice formal shirt and tie would be great for work. If he is casual, a nice polo shirt and socks is a great idea.

3. Gift Basket

A gift basket is truly a wonderful idea for your guy and very inexpensive. Make your basket special to him by adding his favorite bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, chocolates and some good chips and dips he loves. If he is a man that enjoys a good bottle of champagne, toss one of those in as well. If he is man that loves gourmet foods, you can go with some Italian meats and cheese. Seal the basket with love and a kiss!

4. MP3 Player

You can get your man a nice mini MP3 player for under $150 and have all his favorite music downloaded already for him. How personal is that? Record some of your favorite songs that will remind him of you and when you first met or started dating. It’s the perfect, inexpensive gift.

5. Dinner

If you really want to go personal, you can always find the way to his heart through his tummy! Your man probably has a favorite meal that you cook for him and nothing would be nicer than to come and relax by candlelight for two with some wine, a good hot meal and a nice home baked dessert. Surprise him! When he walks in the door and smells all that good food, he will be more than pleased!

6. Tickets

A pair of tickets to your man's favorite sporting event would be a great idea and not too expensive. If he loves baseball, find a nice weekend game to buy tickets too and go tailgate early and have some fun! You won't hurt your wallet and he will realize how much you thought of him!

You don’t have to break your bank to get some romantic and fun gifts for your partner. Just be creative and don’t bust the wallet. In the end, he will be very thankful for what you thought about for that special day.

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