7 Secrets To Saving Money While Studying Abroad

7 Secrets to Saving Money While Studying Abroad

Students having a chance to study abroad, usually feel a sense of euphoria. Most of them cannot believe that they will move to another country, in a completely new environment, atmosphere, and lifestyle. However, it is worth remembering that studying abroad means not only interesting places, cafes and clubs, museums, night hangouts with students, and other activities. This is primarily a complete independence and for some students even a life challenge. Everyone who flies to another country should know how to save money for study abroad, properly manage a personal budget, choose suitable housing, and get used to a new society. So, how to survive in a foreign country with a minimal budget?

Despite the fact that we receive financial support from our parents, we must understand that everything depends on us. There are many ways to earn money, from full-time jobs to online work. We want to show you some secrets to earning and saving money while studying abroad.

Hacks for Earning and Saving Money When Studying Abroad

So as not to make a stay and study in another country the most stressful time in your life, we advise you to adhere to a few simple rules. Please, check the following ways to earn and save money, and choose the ones that suit you best.

  1. Open a local bank account.

The first thing you should do when arriving in a foreign country is to open a local bank account. Go to the nearest bank, create a bank account ASAP, and transfer a maximum daily limit from your home bank. The biggest benefit is that you pay the ATM fees only once, and avoid commissions or any cash losses when converting your home currency into the local currency.

  1. Eat local and healthy food.

One of the most advantageous tips for college students to save money is to start a healthy lifestyle by eating cheap local food. Of course, when you first move abroad, it's hard to resist and not try local delicacies, fast food, and so on, but if we want to save money to study abroad, we need to economize. What can we do? Firstly, always buy cheap and healthy products in the local markets. Secondly, practice healthy eating by including fruits and vegetables to your diet. In addition, you may download Pact, a great fitness app that controls your diet and physical activity, helps to lose weight and improve overall health. Moreover, this app will pay you money for being healthy and active.

  1. Ride a bike.

A student who wants to save money on transportation should rent a bike at local bike rental point. This is certainly a great idea since you don’t have to worry if you can get to your university or downtown. In many countries, people have switched to bicycles, since using public transport or taxi is very expensive.

  1. Find a way to earn extra money.

For having additional earnings, search some part-time jobs or services. With the use of TaskRabbit, you can have a bit of pocket money by offering services. This beneficial app finds people whom you can help in tutoring, translating, making an annotated bibliography, looking after children, walking the dogs, cleaning their houses, cars, or offices, etc.

  1. Buy second-hand learning materials.

Another thing you can do to save money is buying books and other learning materials online or second-hand. Nowadays, for a study, we need to learn a lot of useful information that can be found in books and textbooks. As these things cost much money, instead of going to stores, try buying them from students, or ordering on websites.

  1. Go out smartly.

Of course, living abroad with a minimum budget does not mean you should limit yourself in entertainment. On the contrary, the greatest expenses should be spent on the things you enjoy, what makes you happy, and adds to your stimulation for studying. However, hang out in the right places and with the mind: visit free open-air cinemas, interesting museums, street festivals, and go to pubs and cafes where you can get a discount with a student ID card.

  1. Sell unnecessary things.

If you still wonder how to save money, there is one very simple option – sell unnecessary things. The best way to do this is to open an app Mercari, publish an advert to sell things and wait for buyers. Thousands of people every day sell or purchase things using this app, so it is very convenient and profitable.

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