7 Things You Need to Buy Before Getting a Dog

7 Things You Need to Buy Before Getting a Dog

If you are getting a dog then you need to be prepared before your pet’s arrival in many ways but the most important thing you need to do involve shopping for basic pet things. Some of the things are obvious like food but there are other things like chewing toys etc. that you might not know about. If you are adopting a rescue dog then do remember to gather all the information beforehand about basic allergies, behavioral patterns etc. The bottom line is to be prepared and buy all the products that you will need to take care of your pet. To help you prepare a basic checklist, we have listed some essential things that you need to buy before getting a dog.

7 Things You Need to Buy Before Getting a Dog

  1. Dog Food Supplies

This is the basic thing that you need to get ready and many of you might have already put this on the top of your priority list. The important thing that you need to remember is that do check out if the pet you are adopting has any allergies or is there anything he can’t eat due to health reasons. If you are buying a puppy or a dog then do ample research on the breed you are buying. Dogs are scavengers and can pretty much eat everything but there are still many things that are completely unsuitable for them. For example, chocolate or anything sweet can be potentially dangerous for them. Consult your vet and note down the things that you can and the things you can’t feed your dog.

  1. Dog Crate

You want to make your dog comfortable and therefore buy an appropriate dog crate that will help during travelling. Check out this article to know more about what kind of dog crate would be suitable for your dog. There are many people who choose not to train their dog for crates and this can be upsetting in many situations. Dog crates can prove to be a safe haven for your dog when you are away by keeping him away from potential dangerous situations.

  1. Dog Toys Like Chews

This is especially true if you get a puppy! Toys can be a great way to bond with your pet and also to teach him a few tricks on your sleeves. Buy safe to chew on toys because untrained adult dogs and puppies like to chew on things. The toys can also be a good distraction for your dog when you are away.

Furthermore, you can buy an automatic dog ball thrower so that your beloved dog can play with it.

  1. Dog Collars and Leashes

Always remember to keep an extra set of collars and leashes to be on the safe side. Another important thing is to attach ID tags with your contact information in case you get separated from your dog. You will need to train your dogs to take walks with you and leashes are an important part of that training. Also, make your dog comfortable before putting a collar on him.

  1. Dog Bowls for Water and Food

Buy an appropriately sized water and food bowl for your dog. It is better if you have a separate bowl for both water and food. It is not advisable to mix those two for the sake of convenience. The only thing to remember is the size when you buy these dog bowls!

  1. Dog Bed

Some people prefer to sleep with their dog but for people who don’t, it is advisable to have a bed ready from the first day itself. You can’t slack on this if you want your pet to sleep separately from you and therefore buy an appropriately sized bed that is comfortable and also sturdy for your dog.

  1. Dog Treats

Treats are a good way to let your pet know when you are happy with him. These will also help you during your dog’s training as it will encourage your pet to listen to your commands. Treats are a win-win situation for everyone involved and therefore do keep some ready!

So these were the seven things that you need to buy beforehand when you are getting a pet. Tell us your thoughts by commenting below!

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