8 Gifts Your Grad Will Love

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It’s graduation time again! Whether it’s a graduation from high school or college, this is a time to commemorate the big steps a young person is about to take. Whether it’s entering college or entering the workforce these milestones are celebrated with parties and gifts. This tradition rewards the graduate’s achievement and acknowledges their success. While engraved pens are nice, today’s grads are often more technologically inclined. Since shopping for the right gift can be confusing so we’ve selected 8 gifts which are sure to please.

1. Olloclip Filmer’s Kit

Your grad will want to take pictures of his/her summer adventures so this gift is sure to be a big hit. Wide-angle and telephoto are included in this kit along with accessories like a video-grip. Everything fits in a very nice and compact carry case. The lenses work equally well on the iPhone’s primary camera as well as the selfie cam.

2. Smart TV

Smart TV’s aren’t always as expensive as you might think. There are many great options and one of the best is Vizio’s P-Series TV. It features Dolby Vision HDR, 4K resolution, the Chromecast support is built-in, and includes voice control for Google Assistant or Alexa.

3. Amazon Fire TV with Kodi

If they already have a television (or you’re feeling particularly generous), an Amazon Fire TV is a great way for them to have the ability to stream media. Pairing Kodi with the Amazon Fire TV will provide them with a media player and entertainment hub in one and they can access all their music, movies, programs, and games easily. Troypoint offers troubleshooting tips if your graduate needs help setting things up.

4. Wireless Earbuds

These are popular gifts because almost everyone likes to listen to music, but the buds that are included with smartphones aren’t always the best choice. Even Apple’s AirPods which are well-regarded have their issues such as a short battery life, being easy to lose, and they sometimes get out of sync. Libratone’s Track+ Bluetooth earphones offer an upgrade to standard earbuds and address some of the AirPod’s drawbacks. A cable Al the buds which means you’re not likely to lose one and the battery life is double that of most wireless earbuds. They have fantastic sound and even provide noise cancellation. Take a look at some of the best noise-cancelling earbuds before you decide which ones to buy.

5. Amazon Prime Membership

An Amazon Prime membership offers more than just free two-day shipping on orders, it also includes Prime Video streaming, Prime Music, discounts on newly released video games, and much more.

6. GoPro Hero6 Black

This is the perfect digital action cam for a graduate who is planning a backpacking trip around Europe, gap year adventures, or if they want to document their active lifestyle. It adds digital stabilization and higher frame rates which makes it perfect for daredevils. For a more sedate graduate the GoPro Hero5 will work just as well for less money.

7. Amazon Echo

ow about the gift of their own personal assistant? Alexa (the Echo’s voice) will provide information, play music, place calls, controlling compatible smart gadgets, and much more.

8. Instant Pot

This may seem like an odd choice but hear me out. Whether your graduate is headed to college or to their first apartment, one of the things they’ll have to do is eat. Instead of relying on the dining hall or eating out, buy them one device which takes the place of a bunch of kitchen appliances: the Instant Pot! It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker – it can even make yogurt. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take much space so it’s perfect for a college dorm or studio apartment.

Whether graduating from high school or college, these are both milestones in a young person’s life which are acknowledged by those who care for them. Finding the right gift can be overwhelming but what really matters is giving them the support they need to follow their dreams.

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  1. Every grad student would love a Macbook pro for sure. My father gifted me on my Graduation & I really liked it.

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