Cordless Vacuuming: Easy and Reliable Anywhere, Any Time

Cordless Vacuuming

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Your cave-dwelling ancestors may have been stuck with long electrical cords that twisted and tangled around furniture legs, got caught on doors, and tripped them up, but you – you’re better than that.

Or luckier, anyway.  You live in the 21st Century where things are easier.

Cordless Vacuuming

Technology advances all the time and batteries for power tools and home devices of all kinds are a prime example of it.  Lithium batteries are smaller, hold more charge, and can deliver their power more efficiently and dependably than ever before.  There’s not a carpenter alive today who doesn’t have a battery-operated drill in his work truck or shop, and that same power is available for you to use around the house.

Cordless Freedom

Battery-operated chainsaws can rip through trees for hours at a time without worrying about long electric cords or hard-to-start gas motors.  That same freedom can be yours around the house.

When you’re using a vacuum cleaner, you can only go as far as the cord will let you.  You’re constantly having to pull it around furniture legs and make sure it doesn’t get stuck on corners or under doors.  If you’ve vacuumed even one time with a long cord, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Cordless vacuums eliminate all those problems.  Just as Wi-Fi on airline flights gave you the ability to stay in touch even at 30,000 feet, cordless vacuums give you the freedom to navigate all the corners of your house from one end to another without ever once having to stop and mess with the cord.

Power to Burn

Shark battery vacuums are a perfect example of a home appliance that can take advantage of those modern batteries.  They can run for up to three hours between recharges. Most of them come with two batteries so you can use one while the other recharges in the base.

Lithium batteries charge quickly and the batteries themselves have indicator lights to let you know when they’ve finished charging.  But if you’re out on the town when it finishes charging, don’t worry. They have built-in features that are designed to prevent overcharging, so it can sit in the base as long as you like until you’re ready to use it.

Shouldn’t technology adapt to you instead of the other way around?

Of course, it should.  That’s why we like it so much.

Cyclonic Bagless Dust Collection

The Shark vacuums use something called a cyclonic dust collection system, also known as a bagless system.  It works a lot like the spin-dry cycle in your clothes washer.  A powerful fan spins the dust and dirt around inside a drum. It acts as a centrifuge to throw all the dust and dirt against the sides of the container, instead of trapping it in a bag.

This separates the dust and debris from the air so much more efficiently than a bag that it’s become the main system in almost all modern vacuums.  It’s easier to empty too, and you don’t have to keep buying bags for the vacuum cleaner all the time. This is especially convenient if you’ve ever experienced the frustration of going to the store and discovering they were out of the bags for your vacuum.

Filtering Dust Out of the Air

If you’ve ever wanted better water quality and shopped around for a water filter for your home, shouldn’t you also want better, filtered air in your lungs?


Most dust particles in the air are too small to be visible to the naked eye, but they gradually build up in your lungs when you inhale them.  It’s a bit like cigarette smoke – and we all know what the Surgeon General thinks about that!

Cyclonic systems filter the air better than any bag ever could.  By the time it comes out of the vacuum, it’s cleaner and better for you than if you just sucked in a breath from the room.  Cleaning all that dust and debris off your floors and carpets is one of the best long-term ways to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Convenient and Light Weight

And lest we forget, a lot of the convenience in Shark bagless vacuum cleaners comes from their light weight and small size.  Many of them weigh less than 10 pounds. Some of them detach from the handle so you can use them on stairs and furniture. Or keep them on the stick and reach up high to clean the blinds.

Cordless, bagless, and lightweight. What a great combination.

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