Date Ideas to Inject Some Fun Into Your Weekend

Are you sick and tired of sitting around with your partner on the weekend, watching TV and scrolling on your phones? Sometimes, you might not have a lot of choice in the matter – living outside of the home can be expensive, and if you’re paying for your rent/mortgage and TV license, then you want to use it!

date night ideas

However, these date ideas could inject some fun into your weekend whether you have a little cash to spare or not:

Explore Somewhere New

Is there somewhere new you’ve always wanted to explore? Then go! You don’t need much money – make a packed lunch and look around. You never know what you might learn and discover in a new place.

Go Ice Skating

Is there any better time of year to go ice skating? You might not be athletic, but that doesn’t matter. Anybody can have fun doing this – just try to stay on your feet.

Have A Romantic Dinner At Home

How about date night at home? If you don’t want to eat out, buy the ingredients to make a delicious meal and have a date at home. Make it really special; light a candle, and dress up just like you would if you were going out. Ban phones, too! Make this quality time.

See A Live Show

How about going to see a show? Live performances are always amazing! The infographic below can help you to decide on what to see.

look at todaytix

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