Dress To Impress – Mastering The Cocktail Look

Cocktail Look

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Last updated on August 27, 2018

Cocktail Look

Cocktail parties can be a lot of fun, giving you the chance to socialize, make new friends and enjoy an overall relaxing, pleasant atmosphere. However, considering the nature of this type of event, there are some fashion rules you need to stick to. Proper cocktail attire is mandatory, and while you might know a thing or two about the dress code, if this is our first party of this sort, you will need to do a bit of research, in order to actually pull off an impeccable look. The following tips will give you the chance to dress to impress, helping you put together the perfect style, so read each pointer with precise care, and make sure to keep them in mind.

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Consider the event info

Start by looking over the invite, and assessing the info you know about this specific event. Your outfit choices should be done based on the specifics of this gathering, so to not dress either to formal or too simple, it’s necessary to find out a thing or two about the party. Where will it be held? Who is the host? What time of day will it start at? These are important questions that will help you put together an appropriate attire. A party held at a luxurious hotel will demand a dressier ensemble, while an event on a rooftop in the afternoon means you can keep things a bit casual. Events that are scheduled later in the evening are also usually more formal than those starting in the afternoon. Another detail that needs to be thought through is who is hosting the party. If you know a thing or two about the host, you will probably be able to figure out their expectation in regards to clothing.

Less isn’t always more

Women who want to avoid a fashion disaster and don’t have that much time to put together a complex outfit usually choose to go for the classic little black dress. While less is more in certain circumstances, cocktail parties attires are no longer as dull as they used to be back in the day, so if you want to make a great impression, put in a bit of effort, and avoid going for the safest dress in your closet. There are outfit choices available that are so much more than the little black dress, and will actually allow you to stand out and look like the fashion inspiration you wish to be. If you insist on putting on a dress with a simple, minimalist design, you should give your look that “wow” factor through accessories. A bit of bling through your choice of jewelry can make an otherwise boring, classic dress seem fashionable and chic. And with so much inspiration fund on fashion blogs, on Instagram and in magazines, you won’t have any troubles accessorizing your outfit in an amazing way.

Think about the season

While you might have a gorgeous dress in your closet that is ideal for this type of occasion, if it’s not exactly appropriate for the current season, you will need to go in another direction. Your ensemble should always be fit for the season, even if the party is being held indoors. A dress with a floral print will work great for a party that is being hosted during spring, but it will look like a totally uninspired choice for a winter event. Winter events will always demand closed toe footwear, and perhaps a coat, but some touch of fur will also give your look that particular chicness and style. The outfit’s color palette needs to be chosen in accordance to the season as well, so do your homework before going shopping or before choosing something to wear from your wardrobe.  

Dress length matters

Mid calf and mid thigh – your dress length should be chosen somewhere between these two, not too short and not too long. While a floor lengths dress is a bit too much for your regular cocktail party, a mini short alternative is as also inappropriate, so try to opt for something just above or bellow the knees, and you won’t get any negative attention.

Don’t overlook your choice in footwear

The shoes you put on matter just as much as the dress you will be wearing, so make sure they match your overall ensemble, and don’t create an unpleasant visual contrast. Because this is a formal event, heels are almost mandatory, although there are a few looks that can work with flats as well, but  it’s much easier and safer if you just stick to the classic high heels option.

Finishing touches – hair and makeup

While most of your attention should be directed to your choice of clothing and your accessories, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair and makeup, which should complete your overall look. When it comes to elegant event such as cocktail parties, you shouldn’t go over the top with complex hairdos or too much makeup. A low chignon, some loose curls, and even a ponytail with a twist can work just fine for this occasion. As for the makeup goes, you should keep things natural, and use only neutral color tones for your eye shadow, or perhaps a cat eyeliner look. Red lipstick is also a safe choice to make, which will go well with almost anything you choose to wear, adding that classic touch of chicness to an otherwise simple, natural makeup look.

Being a fashionable appearance is probably your desire, when it comes to attending a special event of this kind. Regardless if it’s work related or just a regular social event, adhering to the dress code and managing to create an impeccable look, suitable for the occasions needs to be your priority, Cocktail attire is far from your usual street wear style, so knowing a few things on the subject will allow you to avoid making fashion mistakes and to actually impress those present there with your taste and sense of style. Keep these pointers in mind, and you will certainly master the cocktail look.

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