Effective Marketing Strategy Tips for Start-ups

Marketing Strategy Tips for Start-ups

For small businesses aspiring to grow, a sound and well thought-through marketing strategy is a fundamental factor in future success. Itll guarantee a company more custom, greater brand awareness, and an ever-increasing list of clients wholl keep returning to the start-up once theyve had the pleasure of dealing with it once. To effectively spread the word, this article looks at four of the most common ways in which fledgling companies can take flight through savvy marketing, discussing their virtues and what exactly each method entails to help your business expand its horizons.


All business gurus of the twenty-first century will tell you that small companies should carve out a little corner of the internet to call their own as soon as possible – its become part and parcel of good marketing and good practice in business. Having a website opens your company up to appearing in peoples Google searches, which is one of the main factors in drumming up business in a world in which consumers and businesses turn to the internet to find products and services that they require. Set up a website to be visible to these prospective customers.


Quick, cheap and stress-free, the email has become a major driver in business communication and sales since its inception of three decades ago. But more than being evidently useful from the perspective of intra-company logistics, advertising and reaching out over email is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching relevant parties with ease. Nowadays, youll even find companies such as theemailfinder.co which specialize in finding the right B2B email addresses for you to send a raft of emails to, drumming up far more custom and awareness through emailed marketing.


From smaller companies all the way up to the large incumbents whose actions and decisions can have a large effect on a local economy, theres always a story to be found and, likewise, released or provided to the press which will show your company in a good light. Press releases – detailing new products, break-throughs, business figures, personal testimonies or even just a sheet of paper stating what youre about – are a great way of generating publicity. The more specific the content of the publication your company features in, the more likely youll be connecting with interested parties through this type of marketing.

Social Media

If your company in any way wishes to serve the growing demographic of 18-30 year-olds, you should be prepared to invest time effort and money on your social media advertising, ensuring youre familiarizing followers to your brand while posting regular content to keep people interested. The incredible success of a viral tweet or Instagram post in terms of marketing and reach is second to none – with social media users sharing your posts between themselves, social media marketing takes care of itself, given you have a savvy social media marketer on board to help make you viral, of course.

Marketing is crucial to the growth of start-ups, so bear these four methods in mind when your business begins looking for new and increasing custom.

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