Give Your Home A Makeover With These 10 Most Insanely Simple DIY Budget Hacks

At some point in time, most homeowners decide that a remodeling project is necessary. However, home remodeling, even on a do-it-yourself budget, is very expensive. Thank goodness that there are household hacks that can be used to limit the amount of money you will have to shell out to bring your tired décor into the 21st century. These 10 insanely simple projects will breathe new life into your tired decorations and for only pennies on the dollar. All that you need is a little imagination.

Stone Mats

DIY Stone Mat PhotoDIY Stone Mat Photo / Instructions: Tattooed Martha

 1. Stone Mats-Create your own custom made river stone mat for the bath. By attaching assorted rounded stones to a waterproof mat, you can create a stone surface that will massage and invigorate your feet when you leave the bath or shower. 

Mirrored Planters

DIY Mirrored Planter Photo

DIY Mirrored Planter Photo / Instructions: Design Sponge

2. Mirrored Planters-Five square mirrors and some hot glue will create an incredible planter for your greenery or potted plants. Simple and sophisticated is the look you will get from this project that you can use as a design element indoors or outdoors.

Stacked Makeup Holder

Makeup Storage For Small SpacesMakeup Storage Tips For Small Spaces via The Container Store

3. Stacked Makeup Holder-With some diligent hunting at the dollar store or discount center, you can find a collection of corresponding trays or plates and some candle sticks to stack and form layers of trays to keep jewelry, bobby pins, hair ties and any other makeup needs neatly off the counter and organized. Some simple glue on the pieces will hold them in place and create an incredibly unique open storage piece. 

Plastic Cubbies

4. Plastic Cubbies– Use plastic cups to create open cubbies for mittens, scarves, earmuffs, and other winter essentials. Purchase a number of sturdy plastic cups and securely attach the bottom of each cup to the wall with the opening facing out. This helps children keep their belongings organized and off the floor. These cups are available in a variety of colors, which allows you to choose a theme or mix and match the cups in a fun and colorful pattern. Shop plastic cubbies now!

Garden Decor

5. Garden Décor-Create your own outdoor garden art from glass pieces that you find at discount stores and rummage sales. Stack plates, bowls, glasses, candle sticks, votives, and other decorative glass design elements together and secure them on a solid stake. Decorate with colorful stones, barndoor hardware, or other embellishments to create one of a kind garden art. Shop garden decor now!

Outdoor Chandelier

6. Outdoor Chandelier-Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor setting by creating a luxurious chandelier from inexpensive Mardi Gras beads. By gluing these beads to the skeleton of a metal hanging basket, you can create a beautiful and inexpensive piece of lighting that is weather worthy, inexpensive and elegant. Shop outdoor chandeliers now!

Custom Made Bookends

7. Custom Made Bookends-Creating one of a kind functional artwork is simple when you use two complimenting figures and mount them on sturdy blocks of wood. These pieces can be painted and put on display in your study to hold your home warranty plans, favorite books, or other important documents. Creating this accent piece lets you choose the figurine and specific colors to match its surroundings. Shop bookends now!

Original Wall Art

8. Original Wall Art-Whether you possess an artistic gene or not, you will be able to create these simple wall hangings made from old picture frames, dinnerware and your choice of background. Choose the material that you want and cover the inside insert for the picture. Choose the color that is perfect for the décor and paint the frame and cutlery. Reinsert the material covered panel into the frame, glue the cutlery on the material, and hang. Shop original wall art now!

Magnetic Note Board

9. Magnetic Note Board-To assure that the message is passed on, create a unique magnetic message board from an old burner cover from a stove. Cover the top of the cover with a lightweight material and cut to shape. Add a length of ribbon to the side of the cover to create a hanging metal message board. Shop magnetic note boards now!

“Wrought-Iron” Wall Hanging Art

10. “Wrought-Iron” Wall Hanging Art-Ornate designed rubber mats can be transformed into wall art that is not only beautiful but will withstand the test of time when utilized in an outdoor décor. Paint white over a basic black rubber rug and immediately wipe off some of the paint to allow the black to show through slightly. This gives the mat an aged and worn look of old iron work. Shop wrought iron wall hanging art now!

Creating your own works of art and organizational projects leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and creates freedom from daily messes. Impress visitors with your inexpensive upgrades and new home makeover. These insanely simple home decorating hacks will make your home look like you spent a month's rent finding just the right pieces. Thanks to discount shopping, imagination and a little elbow grease, anyone can decorate for a big impact on a small budget. 

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