Going To Your First Family-Friendly Festival – The Survival Guide

Music, food, fun and an overall pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, these are the things that a great festival promises. Family-friendly events of this kind give you the opportunity of enjoying your loved ones’ company in an appealing setting, have fun together and creating some long-lasting memories.

family-friendly festival

However, you should know from the start that taking your kids to a festival for the first time may come with a few challenges, especially if they are rather small of age. There are some useful aspects that need your consideration in advance. The following suggestions will allow you to get the most out of the festival and prevent unpleasant occurrences, so look them over:

Grab some ear defenders with you

While your kids might enjoy the music initially, being exposed to loud sounds for long periods of times can become irritating for them, and it’s also not exactly healthy. If you are planning to stay at the festival the entire day, and don’t exactly know just how loud the music will actually be, it’s best if you just grab some ear defenders with you. This way, your kids won’t get the chance to complain about the loud music and this won’t be an issue that determines you to go home. You’ll be glad you have thought about it once you get there.

Bring along some snacks

There might be plenty of food at the festival, these types of events being known for the wide variety of options provided in this department, but you probably know by now that the prices can be a bit steep.  Buying treats for everyone can turn out to be more expensive than you would have expected, so it’s much better if you just come prepared with a few snacks. Aside from the money factor, kids are known to be extremely picky when it comes to food, so you probably don’t want to deal with one of your children not wanting to eat anything bought there, or having to go back home just because you haven’t brought anything along. Pack some of your kids’ favorite treats, and you’ll save yourself the stress of having to convince them to try out something new to eat, and you’ll save quite a lot of money too. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Buy your tickets online and keep them in digital format

Because for the majority of festivals you need to buy an entrance ticket, the most convenient option you have is to purchase them online. Even if you could buy an entrance pass at the gate, you probably don’t want to waste so much time waiting in a queue (and there’s almost always a queue), so buying them online is still the better alternative, not to mention the fact that if the festival perimeter is already too crowded, you might not be allowed inside also. Save your spots early and choose to purchase your event passes with sufficient time in advance. Nowadays, the majority of big festivals resort to proper event ticketing software services, so you can handle this task rapidly. Also, keep them in digital format, because you might lose the printed versions, especially if you have quite a lot of things to bring along.

Choose your kids’ outfits carefully

Even if the weather is nice and warm in the morning, changes can be unpredictable, and once the sun starts setting, the temperatures can drop quite fast. It’s important to think carefully about what your kids will wear. You don’t want them to be dressed too thick when they are playing around in the sun, nor do you want them to feel cold, so the best option is to go with layers. Have them put on a few clothing items that can be easily taken off, and keep extra clothes in your backpack until needed. This way, you will know you are prepared for any type of weather. Rain coats might also be useful, because you probably don’t want a little rain to send you home.  

Identification tags are a plus

As much as you would want to avoid the scenario of not finding your kids in the crowd, these things can happen sometimes. A slight moment of distraction and your little ones might have wandered around and you are no longer able to spot them. To make sure the people they ask for help if they get lost can easily contact you, consider making some identification tags. A wristband with your name and phone number will be extremely useful in such a situation. This way festival stewards, or any other person who might have found your kids strayed somewhere can reach you with easy, and you can avoid dealing with an emergency scenario. Also, glow sticks used as bracelets can also be highly helpful if the kids get lost at night – you will be able to rapidly notice them from afar.

Plan ahead

Children can get bored extremely easy, and even at a fun festival this can become an issue. Look into the activities you are able to engage in while attending the event and make sure you have created an itinerary for you and your family. You should keep your little ones entertained at all times and that means engaging the right types of activities. You can also bring some games with you, if you believe you might need some extra help in keeping the kids happy the entire day.

Going to a festival with your entire family for the first time can truly be exciting. If you are passionate about this type of outdoor celebration, taking your children to one might have been something you have thought for a while now and when you have finally made this decision, you probably want things to go as well as possible. Well, while family-friendly festivals are a lot of fun, considering the amplitude of the event, you need to be prepared with some tips in order to avoid inconvenience. The pointers suggested in this article will help you in this department, allowing you to make the most of the occasion, keep your kids safe and avoid any concerns, so make the most of them.

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