Homemade Farm Toys: Pallets, Feed Sacks & Double Bale Fork

I made 2 pallets and 12 little bags of feed for his hungry toy cows.

My friend, Karyn, not only is creative at cooking, but at crafts, too! She made these super cute homemade farm toys for her son for his birthday so the little farmer's toy skid loader could lift pallets full of feed on his play farm!

Toy Pallets

Homemade pallets for farm

She made the homemade toy pallets out of wooden craft sticks that she got for 88¢ for a package of 50. I had asked if they were made out of popsicle sticks as I had no idea that they made “craft sticks”. She would've had to eat a lot of popsicles! I actually prefer fudge sticks. Anyway, she said these craft sticks are a little smaller than actual popsicle sticks. She glued the craft sticks together with wood glue to create the play toy pallets.

Toy Feed Sacks

Fabric for burlap sacks

For the play feed sacks, Karyn used a roll of decorative linen (like you would use for a table runner, seen above) and edged them with burlap tape (seen below).

Brulap Tape

I didn't know burlap tape was a thing either! Maybe that shows that I am not a true crafter. Karyn stuffed the toy feed bags with crumpled tissue paper, but I guessing that you could stuff them with anything? Write a company name on the feed sacks, and you're ready to feed your toy cows. Or is for toy pigs? Let's go with toy livestock! I presume they get their real feed bags from Frontier Mills, so they should appreciate the free advertising. 🙂

I presume you could make homemade toy seed corn sacks similarly for when it's play planting time.

Homemade Farm Toys

Aren't these homemade farm toys super cute? They make me want to go play farm. Or Barbies. Or Barbies on the farm. I can't wait to blog about my homemade Barbie furniture that my mom made me years ago that I still have. Stay tuned.

Double Bale Fork Toy

Two-Haul Bale Fork for toy tractor

Update! I found out Karyn is not the only crafty one in her family! Her son has asked Santa for a “two-haul” bale fork for three years in a row. But there isn't such a thing to be found anywhere. Not even Amazon!

Two-Haul Bale Fork Toy

So Santa, aka Grandpa, made him a double bale fork for his toy tractors for Christmas this year.

Toy Two-Haul Bale Fork

This homemade double bale fork for toy tractors is very well made!

Double Bale Fork for Toy Tractors

This homemade two fork bale fork even moves down to load the bales and up to haul the bales made from rolls of toilet paper (shown below).

Toilet Paper Hay Bales

Homemade Farm Toys
Double Bale Fork for Toy Tractors

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