How to Achieve the Wedding of Your Dreams with a Small Budget

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Brides nowadays are tightening their belts as well as their corsets. In the current economic climate we all have to find ways to cut costs and outgoings, so that dream wedding could easily be seen as a frivolous expenditure. There are various ways to cut costs without losing out on any of the touches you want to make it the special day you’ve always wanted.

1. Rope in a younger relative’s sixth form friends to wait tables: cheap labor and students always welcome some quick cash!

2. If you see a private venue or land, don’t be afraid to ask if the owners would rent it to you; many people welcome surprise income. Make sure you come to a mutual agreement about responsibilities and payment.

3. Don’t rule out second hand items from eBay. Many brides are now selling off things like leftover decorations. As they’ve only been used for one day, they are likely to be in great condition.

4. Second hand wedding dresses are bountiful online and in specialist shops, even charity shops stock some! They are usually dry-cleaned and look brand new. Or you could always think about renting your dress.

5. Consider getting married out of season or on a week day when everything is significantly cheaper. You can also try and get a last minute booking or wait for a cancellation. Remember to respect wedding guests who might need to make special arrangements in order to attend.

6. With a little creativity, you can make your own bouquet and table center flowers. Even supermarkets provide lovely cheap flowers throughout the year which can be used. And you can bolster these with a trip to wholesale flower market.

7. During the war, people used to rely on friends and family to provide something for the wedding. Whether its flowers, cake or a dish for the reception, everyone will want to help and will feel involved in your big day.

8. Keeping things simple and small means that you can splash out on better quality things. Really hone your guest list and consider who you’ll even know in ten years’ time. Think about your memories, rather than impressing others.

9. Take into account the season, for example, pick flowers that are abundant and won’t have to be shipped in. Don’t forget that summer is the high-season for weddings, so avoiding this time will help.

10. Budget for everything, realistically, and discover where you can cut costs in order to have the unique things you’ve always dreamed about. For instance, if you have a pay bar instead of providing alcohol all day, you can serve top notch champagne for the toast.

11. If you must have lots of attendants, ask them to contribute to attire – pick something they can wear again on other occasions.

12. Get up and coming suppliers – photography students or new florists for example. They’ll be willing to charge less to build up their portfolio.

13. If your dream wedding car is too expensive, ask around to see if anyone has a friend who’d be willing to lend a vintage or specific car for the day.

14. Create your own wedding decorations. Shop around for materials, buy in bulk where possible and get something that means even more – totally unique and made by your fair hand!

15. Have a frugal hen do where you get in drink and food and make the wedding favors. It will make your friends feel really involved and will save you and them – most girls on a budget dread invites to lavish hen-do weekends abroad!

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