How to Involve Kids in Golf Without Breaking the Bank

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Golf has a reputation for being an elite sport that is out-of-reach for regular, everyday people. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are ways to get your kids involved in the “sport of kings” without breaking the bank.

How to Involve Kids in Golf Without Breaking the Bank

Golf teaches important social, mental, and physical skills. Each round is filled with learning potential. Play and movement are critical to kids’ motor development. Sports have been shown to help develop self-esteem and create a sense of belonging.

We all want our children to participate in sports that they enjoy, so make sure your kids have access to programs that could change the way they see the world.

It’s a game designed with kids in mind

In the last 30 years, golf has evolved to become family friendly. Kids can play from a Forward Tee which allows them to achieve pars, birdies, and eagles at an early age. Equipment has been redesigned to suit the physics of the game and make winning attainable rather than just making it shorter or on a smaller course. High-quality clubs offer flexibility and strength that allows kids to enjoy the game without the leverage of height.

Youth programs offer drastically reduced fees

Youth on Course members play golf at hundreds of participating courses for $5 or less per round, making it possible for kids from 6-18 years old to play historic courses like Pinehurst at a dramatic discount. Enrollment is dependent on where you live but ranges from $5 to $30 annually for a membership that gives children access to 900 participating courses in 26 regions.

The program also includes a 15-minute online beginners’ curriculum and invests in internships and scholarships to help young golfers who want to work as caddies or attend college.

Lessons and etiquette are available at no or low cost

The First Tee introduces kids to the game and transforms the experience that kids have with the sport using outreach programs in all 50 states. This program reaches more than five million kids annually at elementary schools, golf courses, and youth centers. Hook a Kid on Golf provides communities with curriculum, equipment, and instructions to set up a system for kids to learn to play.

Equipment is designed to fit  

Experts in the game say that when kids are outfitted with lightweight and correctly-fit clubs that it makes a big difference in a young player's swing and enthusiasm for the game. Some brands have released models that are light enough for children. Nippon Shafts are one example of a shaft make that comes sized for children and light enough for use.  

The innovative design leaves the weight unchanged regardless of the rest of the components. The pliable shafts are balanced yet stable so that even new players get consistent, accurate performance from their clubs, while the pricing makes them perfect for aspiring pros.

Give Your Child the Gift of a Lifelong Hobby

Sports, activities, and outdoor play are an essential part of childhood, but it doesn’t have to stop there. It’s possible to give your child an early advantage by introducing them to a lifelong sport. There are several golf outreach programs that open up a world of scholarships and work opportunities later in life. Make sure everyone in your family can enjoy playing 18 holes by getting them involved in golf while they’re still young.

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How to Involve Kids in Golf

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