How to Save Money on Gifts for Mom

Save Money on gifts for Mom

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s once again time to think about an appropriate thank-you gift for the woman who gave you life.  While most people find a card or flowers sufficient (and Mom certainly won’t complain), perhaps you could be doing a little more to show your gratitude.  After all, your mother went through months of pregnancy, hours of labor, and years of hardship to bring you into this world and raise you to adulthood.  Do you think a few roses are enough to adequately repay her for her sacrifice?  On the other hand, we are still sunk in a recession and for most families, money is tighter than ever.  But don’t despair; you can get your mom a nice gift while still sticking to your budget.  Here are just a few ways to present Mom with a wonderful thank you without breaking the bank.

For starters, you’ll need to get some idea of what an appropriate gift might be.  Jewelry, spa trips, and personalized mementos are almost always a win.  But they can also be pretty pricey.  What you may be failing to realize here is that most moms don’t necessarily want material gifts.  In many cases, they would rather receive the gift of time.  And even if you are giving them something material, they would often prefer that it come from your heart instead of your wallet. They want something that is unique to you, not just a generic gift that anyone can get off a retail shelf.  This is good news for those of us that have little money to spend on Mom this year.  In truth, all you need is a little cash and a lot of creativity to come up with the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Consider, for example, jewelry.  While you could certainly spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars purchasing a diamond pendant or putting together a personalized Pandora bracelet (which, by the ways, is simply blown glass), you’d be better off making something on your own.  Granted, not all of us are jewelry-making aficionados.  But by visiting a bead store, you can likely come up with something that will pull on Mom’s heartstrings more than any manufactured piece of jewelry.  And you don’t necessarily have to assemble it yourself, either.  Many times, if you just pick out the pieces you want, someone at the store will be happy to give you a hand with putting it together.  At the very least they can offer helpful hints about what to include (charms that pertain to your mother’s hobbies, beads that display her favorite colors, and so on).  And even more, they may be willing to assemble it for you (for a small fee).  Or you could sign up your mom and yourself for a jewelry-making class if she’s the crafty type, giving the gift of both time AND jewelry!  It’s a win-win.

You could also plan an at-home spa day (with steam treatment, mud mask, facial scrub, and so on) saving a lot over shelling out for an expensive spa or salon.  And when it comes to personalized gifts, no Mom will stay dry-eyed if you present her with a homemade scrapbook or a collage of photos spanning your childhood.  In short, it doesn’t have to cost a lot to give your mom a great gift.  While you could spend an arm and a leg on the trendiest gifts this season, you’ll save big by reimagining them in your own way and you’re a lot more likely to impress the person who loves you most: your mom.

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