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JCPenney Afterpay: Everything You Need To Know

JCPenney Afterpay: Everything You Need To Know

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JCPenney is a retail giant that has been a part of American shopping culture for over a century. Founded in 1902 by James Cash Penney in Kemmerer, Wyoming, the company has become one of the largest department store chains in the United States.

It offers a mixture of clothing, jewelry, home goods, and electronics, all designed to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Despite experiencing financial frays in recent years, JC Penney has remained a popular shopping destination, partly thanks to its competitive pricing and extensive quality product selection. Macy's is its biggest competitor, another major department store chain with similar products and services.

In terms of payment methods, JCPenney accepts a range of choices, including major credit cards, e gift cards, and Paypal. Additionally, the company recently announced that it will partner with additional buy now, pay later services (BNPL), which we will discuss in this article.

Does JCPenney Accept Buy Now Pay Later Services, Including Afterpay?

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Although some online articles say JCP Afterpay is a possible duo this year, we tried to contact their store customer support (7:00 am-9:00 pm CST). It confirmed that it is still waiting to accept Afterpay as a financing method. Nothing is impossible in the retail business world as everything evolves, so everyone will be waiting for this partnership to happen anytime soon.

How to Buy Gift Cards Using Afterpay

Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay in 2023?

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Apple Pay has been one of JCPenney's payment modes since 2015, but this ended for a while. The great news is JCPenney began merging with Apple Pay again in 2023, throughout in-store checkouts and online shopping experiences.

Customers can also use their Apple Pay app or the website. As long as you have an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can utilize this wherever there is JCPenney. Credit cards linked to your Apple Pay are the easiest at checkout.

JCPenney Partnered with Klarna Defines Success!

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JCPenny accepts Klarna as a form of financing service. Keep up with Klarna's latest deals and coupons, as you can pay in 4 installments and still have these promotions. Klarna can also offer to pay them in 30 days or over time.

Click here to learn more about Klarna Purchase Power


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Other forms of buy now, pay later accepted at JCPenney are Zip Financing, Affirm, Quadpay, and Pay in 4 installments. These are all available to make payments both online at or in-store.

JCPenney encourages customers to pay using the JCPenney credit card and other payment methods if their orders are above $750, as there is a limit for BNPL orders. All done; let us know if you have any further questions!

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