Kim’s Girls Buy Homecoming Dresses

When I was in high school, we just wore nice church clothes (who else wore gray corduroys with a yellow shaker sweater?) to our Homecoming dances. Nowadays the girls wear cocktail and formal dresses fancier (i.e. more expensive) than the dresses we wore to prom! My twin daughters (now juniors) are no exception.

Both girls originally wanted Sherri Hill Homecoming Dresses, but alas I refused to let them spend over $300 for such, even if they used their own money. Macy found the same picture of the Sherri Hill Dress she wanted listed for sale on eBay for only $55.99, so we ordered it, even paying for expedited shipping so we have it for next weekend.

And when it arrived yesterday, Macy was so upset that it didn't look remotely like the picture that she refused to even try it on. It came from China and the “Maggie Tang” label is obviously the knock-off replica of Sherri Hill and not near the quality.

I requested a refund and asked that they even pay return shipping for false advertising. I'm surprised the PR department from Sherri Hill hasn't sent that seller a cease and desist letter yet.

When we went Labor Day shopping, Mallory purchased the following two-tone strapless homecoming dress from Deb Shops to wear to Homecoming:

Since Macy was still expecting her dress to be delivered, she didn't look for dresses when she had the chance. So now, with Homecoming next week and no time to shop beforehand, she went back to shopping online.

We just ordered this Speechless Embellished Pick Up-Style Tube Dress from paying extra for expedited shipping. Luckily we got an extra 20% off our Kohl's order with promo code: TWENTY4ME (expires 9/11). Let's hope this dress arrives in time (and the girls get over their colds by then)!

Anyone else shopping for Homecoming Dresses?

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