Make Online Shopping Easy with Amazon’s Wish List

One thing that always frustrates me in my online shopping is having to go from store to store to find what I need. I look for the best price everywhere and then when I find it I have to save it in my bookmarks or by another inefficient method. Well, not anymore! With the new Amazon Wish List Button, I can keep all my finds in one place. The great thing is that just because Amazon does not carry it does not mean they won’t save your stuff. It is like a wish list for the entire internet!

It is easy to get and use the Wish List button. Just sign into your Amazon account (or create one for free) and go to: Click the button icon and drag it up into your web browser’s toolbar. There you go! Now no matter where you are shopping or browsing online you can save items in your wish list. No more bookmarking or trying to remember which store had it cheapest; just an easy to use centralized shopping list that you can access anywhere.

Happy Shopping!

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