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Willow Tree Mother Daughter Figurine

On the day before Valentine’s Day, I went to Sioux City with some friends of mine (had to stock up at Sam’s). I wondered why my youngest daughter didn’t call when she got home from school as she usually does asking where I’m at if I’m not home. Seems she called my mother instead as she had a plan.

My mom picked Tatym up, and they went downtown to Mainstreet Gallery to buy me a Valentine’s Day present. Tatym had her own money, and Mom said much deliberation was involved. She picked out this Willow Tree Mother & Daughter Figurine.  She was pleased with her purchase, and I cried when I opened it. The tagline is “Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and daughters”.

Then my other daughters ordered a bouquet of flowers for me!  It was a nice surprise.  I felt guilty giving them all dollar-store items (that were 50% off at Target) from me for Valentine’s Day when they spent their own hard-earned money on me.

I then spent Valentine’s Day in the hospital with my son, Taylor, who had a third surgery on his knee. The doctor removed a bunch of scar tissue, but said his ACL isn’t tore – it is stretched out.  He has only seen one other case of this, and did research on it.  Only six surgeries in the world have been done on such, so most people just have to live with it. Hopefully, he’ll be able to wear a leg brace and still play football his senior year of high school.

Now Taylor is back on crutches again, and I’m back to driving the kids to school.  I’m just glad the twins now go to the same school to help him in and carry his bookbag, so I don’t have to do it!

P.S.  It’s President’s Day – No mail again today!

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