How To Plan A Wedding Using Coupons And Discounts

How To Plan A Wedding Using Coupons And Discounts

Developing a reasonable wedding plan is a crucial task. Who doesn’t want to save? Everyone does. People around the globe tend to save as much as possible by any means, especially when it comes to wedding because it’s a big day. It isn’t something hidden from anyone that people do draw a precise budget for a wedding, some can afford glamorous and expensive dresses and some have to work out a strategy to get the best thing within the best price range.

Coupons have gained attention and hype these days, and it is no secret that people around the globe are looking for ways to get more for less. The question is; how is it possible for the frugal bride to apply this principle to her wedding plan, while still looking for that perfect and marvelous wedding dress along with a beautiful celebration. In order to use discounts and coupons for planning and executing a successful wedding you need to plan accordingly.

First let it be said that you can’t get something for nothing. What this means is that if you want to get discounts on as many of your wedding essentials as possible, you must be willing to invest time to save money. You might have to visit several bridal shop sales to find the perfect gown when seeking the deepest discount, instead of buying at the first place you visit. Of course, sometimes it also makes sense to buy in bulk. If you can get free shipping by ordering all of your bridesmaid gifts at once, why would you ever purchase the bridesmaid gifts one at a time and pay all that shipping?

Wedding decorations are one of the best things to avail using coupons. Sign up right away for e-mails from the big craft stores like AC Moore in order to get their weekly coupons updates in your inbox. Sometimes they might offer big discounts at odd times, like 60% off your order Tuesday night only, so be ready to get hold of these tempting offers. You can easily pile up most of your wedding necessities like candles, ribbon and invitation stock by this way. Also, be there when their stores are open for seasonal sales, to stock up on discounted floral and other wedding supplies

Another great way to get a discount on your wedding is to plan it on an off day, like a Thursday night. You have more negotiating power when you are booking a photographer or venue for a day on which they otherwise would have been idle. It is considered acceptable to politely ask for a discount when booking on a non-weekend, as long as you are not pushy about it. If they say no to a straight discount, you may still be able to get them to throw in a few extras, like more prints or waiving the corkage fee.

Take full advantage of free customer loyalty schemes at stores whenever possible. This is definitely a great way to get coupons in your e-mail, 50% off one item at your favorite department store could mean a fabulous pair of bridal shoes or a dress. Scoop up wedding planning books or thanking note cards for half off using a bookstore coupon.  

There are many other ways in which you can get hold of the best discounts for your wedding. Sign up for Groupon deals and score a deal on beauty services at a local spa for you or your bridesmaids. If you are disciplined about paying off credit cards every month, use a cash-back rewards card for your wedding purchases whenever possible. And while you are at it, sign up for a free service like Upromise that will put money into an account to pay off student loans when you make online purchases through them. For instance, you could book your honeymoon through one of the participating companies and get cash back from your credit card and money in your college savings account. Now that is smart shopping and a great way to plan for your future after the wedding!

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