Seniors: Their Needs in Old Age

Seniors: Their Needs in Old Age

As adults turn the corner into old age, performing menial tasks can become difficult. Things such as climbing a set of stairs, walking and bathing oneself are no longer easy to complete without some form of assistance. As a result, many seniors find themselves at the mercy of others. The freedom they once enjoyed including the ability to come and go as they please or enjoy a scenic drive, basically become memories of their past. Luckily there are many ways to make their lives less stressful with the use of medical aids, modifications to the home and personal care and cleaning services.

The Breakdown of the Body

When people are young their bodies are strong and firm. Unfortunately, by the time a person reaches their 40s, they start a slow, progressive decline of their muscle mass. For some people, the percentage can increase significantly from the 50s onward due to things like predisposed genetics, poor health, inactivity, arthritis, menopause, and changes in the level of testosterone in the body.


Many seniors have difficulty with movement. This can make even a minor slip and fall into a serious occurrence that can possibly result in surgery. When people can no longer get around on their own, they may also have trouble with their balance. This can compound the situation and make something such as getting in and out of bed troublesome. 

Thankfully, there are changes you can make and aids you can acquire to reduce the stress on the body and make their lives easier. A walking cane can assist them with daily functions like walking and standing, while comfortable sleeper recliner chairs provide an alternative to a traditional bed. In the bathroom, placing a medical seat in the tub or shower and a grab bar within reach will allow them to raise and lower themselves and bathe with confidence. Throughout the home clearing away the clutter from the entrance to every room will also promote a safe environment.


Many diseases or ailments don’t surface until you enter into your 50s or 60s. As a result, a large percentage of the elderly population is on multiple types of medication. Many take them for things such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and chronic pain. If a loved one is also suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia simultaneously, they may forget to take the required prescriptions or even mix up their medications, which can be dangerous. If they are living independently, and in the early stages of these diseases, having a pill box that clearly identifies the time like AM and PM and the day will allow them to take them as needed.

Personal Care

Older adults with serious mobility issues can have trouble with bathing, cooking, and even putting on their clothing. If a loved one is no longer able to get around unassisted, having a home health aid come to the home once or twice a week can benefit them immensely. These companies specialize in senior care. It can include things such as bathing and grooming, meal planning, and even taking them outside for a bit of fresh air.

Mode of Transportation

A large percentage of the elderly population will lose part of their vision and hearing and have reduced reflexes. Another portion will have dementia wherein they temporarily forget where they are or where they were going to. This can make driving a motor vehicle difficult and unsafe for them as well as others on the road. As a result, many seniors trade in their license either on their own or through the recommendation of their family or doctor. Without their license, they now must use another mode of transportation to get around. In most cases, they rely on the local buses, or a family member or a friend.

As we get older, activities which were once easy to do become increasingly difficult to perform. Fortunately, there are a number of options and solutions available to make this process easier.

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