Summer Paradise at Kim’s House?

I've been wanting to spruce up my back patio somehow and found this infographic about “How to turn your home into a Summer Paradise”. They offer suggestions on things you can do to your home which include (followed with my commentary):

  • Add a Pool or Hot Tub – My girls are all for either of these, but I don't feel like having the upkeep of such.
  • Outdoor Games and Entertainment  – Tatym would love a soccer goal.
  • Install an Outdoor Kitchen – I don't cook indoors, so I highly doubt I'd utilize this.
  • Enclose Your Paradise Area – Now this would be feasible because it gets REALLY hot on the deck.
  • Create Shady Spots to Relax – An umbrella would be cheaper than enclosures.
  • Build a Gazebo – Um, no.
  • Furnish for Comfort and Durability – Yep, I do want a new patio set.
  • Plant Lush Layers of Landscaping – The previous owners already did this, but I've been terrible about keeping everything pruned and looking the best it could be.
  • Setup a Water Feature – Would be cool, but probably not going to happen.
  • Add a Fire Pit – I would love a fire pit, but I also have a fear of fires…
  • Set the Mood with Lighting – Do I need lighting to set the mood?!


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