Top 5 Swimming Pool Remodel Ideas in 2018

Swimming Pool Remodel Ideas

Upgrading a swimming pool especially one in an old home is a big project. The simplest way to remodel is by changing the waterline tiles or bringing in new pool decks. However, there are some expansive remodels that involves replacements such as replacing the bond beams due to rust and leakages.

Pool remodeling is done for various reasons depending on the desires of the owner of the pool. The primary reason as to why people remodel their swimming pools is because they want to achieve a new contemporary look. Usually a more modern enthusiastic and classy look. Another reason why people remodel their swimming pools is to avoid the troubles of an old swimming pool.

A swimming pool needs maintenance and repairs of equipment after a while to remain reliable. Finally, pool remodeling can add technological features to assist with energy saving during maintenance and operation. Here are the top 5 remodeling ideas this year:

1. Use of Underwater LED Lights

Set out the swimming pool to match personal mood using underwater LED lights. The lights are energy efficient, meaning they can help save energy. Not only would it save energy, but also achieve a specific look. Moreover, the lights have lumens that cover the whole swimming pool even if it is a deep one. After installing the LED lights, add a logic controller to fine tube both the intensity and the color.

2. Add Gas Powered Fire Pots

Add gas-powered fire pots to a pool for a welcoming outdoor environment.  A luxurious and welcoming environment can be brought up with good lighting. Adding a sturdy stone to the pool can transform its looks into a sanctuary. To get the right borders, properly place some stonework and pool coping. After that run some new gas lines. If not sure how to go about it, seek professional advice.

3. Mosaic Surface Tiles

Mosaic surface tiles glow in the dark after a day of sunlight. A full day of sunlight can make mosaic tiles to glow for about 6 to 8 hours. Swimming pool remodel the old tiles with the new mosaic surface tiles to enjoy a galaxy swim during the night. Although pricey, they are not as expensive as often thought. The glow in the dark mosaic surface tiles experience is worth spending on.

 4. Use of Rock Waterfalls

In this year 2018, adding a fresh outdoor look to the swimming pool is the trend. A little movement can give a pool a fresh outdoor feeling. Still, waters give a feeling of stagnation. So, just keep the water moving.

Even though fountains are available, waterfalls are preferred because they keep a better water cycle circling. There are a variety of stones to choose from to make a waterfall.

5. Stone Decking

Remodel a swimming pool to replace the decking. While replacing the decking, go for a custom stone deck, the look is simply amazing. Choose to tapper off just around the pool’s border or go all round the pool depending on the budget.

Moreover, stone decking can be designed in various models including 3D models depending on an individual’s heart desires.

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