Unique Graduation Gift Idea: Custom Bobbleheads

Finding gifts for family and friends keeps getting harder and harder as it seems with time, my friends and family age and already have everything they could possibly ever want or need. Therefore I'm always looking for unique,  or even “weird” if you may, gifts for my family and friends. I love giving gifts that make people smile and laugh when they see them and can reminisce telling tales of such gifts for years to come. I've also been known to give a few “gag” gifts over the years as well.  Fake lottery tickets are the best (although you must give to a non-lottery playing person or they quickly spot that it's fake) to watch the recipients get elated when they think they've won and then enraged that they didn't and fell for such a joke.

But obviously fake lottery tickets are not a gift idea for most (and probably not for graduating students under the legal age to gamble) and definitely not one that can be cherished for years to come.  So when I saw these too cute bobbleheads at 1minime.com where you can customize the people, I immediately thought of a ton of people that would love such a gift!

Unique Graduation Gifts

Wouldn't a graduating senior love a bobblehead of themselves doing something they love, like a sport or hobby?  I think my daughter, who lives and breathes soccer would love a bobblehead of herself wearing her kelly green club soccer team colors.

Custom Soccer Bobblehead

There are ton of sports and hobby models, even costumes and traditions models to choose from. And if you can't find what you're looking for, they can even create a custom model for you!  Each bobblehead is 100% hand made so they are guaranteed be unique and one of a kind.

How to create your custom bobblehead

You simply upload photos of the person (including front view, rear view, left and right side of person).  Then the 1minime's artists will sculpt a custom bobblehead with the exact facial expressions  from photo including exact eye color, hair color (can even include highlights).  You can then go on to customize your bobblehead more with adding a message on the base and/or under the base.  You can even modify the model’s colors (like if I wanted a kelly green soccer jersey instead of red). See more custom bobblehead options here. 1minime has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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