What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of Self Checkout Lanes?

If you have recently visited a modern grocery store, you will notice that there are self service checkout lanes. This is one of the latest modern advancements in the field of shopping. A lot of shoppers are verbalizing satisfaction with self checkout lanes, especially tech savvy shoppers.

Self Checkout

However, there are some shoppers who are hesitant to use checkout lanes.  In this article, we will discuss the advantages as well as some of the disadvantages associated with the use of grocery store self checkout lanes.

Self Checkout Advantages

Self checkout lanes enhance shopping experience

Most shoppers don’t want to wait for longer period of time in the checkout. The use of self checkout lanes significantly reduces the checkout waiting time. Through the use of self service checkout lanes, the shoppers will be able to avoid long wait thereby maximizing their shopping experience.

Self checkout lanes are cost efficient

A lot of grocery stores nowadays use self checkout lanes because it helps them reduce their needs of manned register lanes. Through this, the labor cost will be reduced significantly. The saving that the store has will be passed on to the shoppers. Hence, you will observe that their products are significantly lower compared to man operated lanes.  Most self service checkout lanes have hand held scanners, which are actually beneficial for the shoppers because they will be able to control their budget while shopping.

Self checkout lanes provide relevant information

Self checkout lanes with scanner provide relevant information that is tailored according to interest of the shopper.

Mistakes will be eliminated through the use of self checkout lanes

Human operated checkout lanes are prone to human mistakes/errors, especially if the person in charge is working for longer period of time. If the cashier is tired and hurried, then there is a possibility of human error. Grocery store self checkout lanes help prevent such type of errors. The products are punched according to its price. The machine will also generate the right amount of change.

Self Checkout Disadvantages

Price discrepancies

There are instances wherein you shop, but the punched product price is totally different from the advertised price. This is actually one of the disadvantages of self checkout lanes because the shopper does not have the ability to override the price. Only trained personnel can override the price and so you have to search for a grocery personnel to help you.

Problems in handling grocery items that won’t scan

If the item you purchase won’t scan, what the cashier usually does it that she manually enters the bar code. If you know how to enter the bar code on your own, then there will be no problem. The thing is that only a few shoppers know how to manually enter the barcode. In the event that the item won’t scan, the shopper will usually call for help. If there isn’t anybody available to help, then the rest of the shoppers will be waiting in line behind you.

Delay in cash payment

With the traditional counter, the cashier normally arranges the bills and coins according to its value. However, with the grocery store self checkout lanes you are required to enter each bill separately. Aside from that, you have to make sure that the bills are flat and free from crease and fold. This process alone can actually cause delay, especially if you have to enter numerous bills and coins.

Self Checkout Advantages & Disadvantages

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