10 Tips for Finding Discounted Designer Bags

The Fashion accessory industry is projected to leap upwards by over 6 percent from 2018 to 2023. That jump is due to global wealth rising and premier fashion accessories being among the top indicators of affluence.

10 Tips for Finding Discounted Designer Bags

If you'd like to show off your wealth to the world but don't have the money in the bank to back that facade, don't worry. You've got options.

In this quick write-up, our team shares ten outstanding tips that will help you find discounted designer bags. After all, paying full price for fashion is for amateurs!

1. Scour Your Friend's Closets

Remember all of those accessories that you've bought over the years that are now rotting away in your closet? Well, your friends also have collections of discarded fashion that you might love to own!

If you see a designer bag in your best bud's reject pile (AKA their closet floor), offer to buy it off of them. Who knows, they might even give it to you for free.

2. Always Shop for Out of Season Fashion

As tempting as it may be to buy what's “in”, it's imperative to your fashion budget that you don't. Why? Because in bags mean out of this world prices.

If your ambition is to score discounted designer bags, shop out of season and enjoy the savings.

3. Put Bags at the Top of Your Holiday Wish List

There's no better price than free when you're trying to get the best deal on bags. To that end, if you have generous loved ones, we recommend putting designer bags at the top of your holiday wish list.

You might end up getting a bag that you could never afford on your own from that rich aunt or uncle of yours.

4. Trade-In Your Old Bags

Designer handbags retain their value if you buy evergreen styles and keep them in good condition. What's great about that is you can buy a bag, take care of it and when you want something new, sell it for 70 percent or more of what you paid.

You can then take that money and put it towards a new designer bag which will save you a ton on its retail price.

5. Rent Your Look

There are several online services that allow fashionistas to save cash without compromising on style by renting the latest looks.

You read that right!

You can literally open up an application on your phone, find a designer bag that's out of your price range and rent it for pennies on the dollar. Once you're done with your rented merchandise, just send it back and rent something new for your next outing.

By renting instead of buying, you'll make your friends think that you're a millionaire with your infinite looks and won't have to pile on credit card debt.

6. Only Shop During Sales

This discounted designer bags tip is the most obvious one on our list. Still, you'd be shocked by how many accessories shoppers don't pay attention to sales when buying!

Pre-Christmas and Easter are two fantastic times to find sales online and in stores. If you're smart, you'll wait for those major shopping periods to make your big purchases.

There are other flash sales throughout the year which may represent an equally excellent value. Keep your eyes out for those and never (ever) buy a bag at full price.

7. Explore Thrift Stores and Pawn Shops

Thrift stores and pawn shops are discounted designer bag havens! While it might take some luck to find a great bag in these places, you'll be shocked by just how many come-ups are out there.

Our advice is to pick a weekday morning and browse all of the local thrift/pawn shops in your area. If you're in a populated town, we're willing to bet that you'll find several pawn shop vintage purses and more at 90 percent off!

8. Pump the Breaks for Yard Sales

When was the last time that you stopped your car when you saw a yard sale sign? If you're anything like most people, it has been a while. That's a shame because you can find designer bags laying out on yard sale tables at insane discounts.

While we can't make any promises, do yourself a favor and hit the breaks the next time that you see a yard sale sign. You might be surprised by what you find.

9. Seek Out Coupons

Coupons on designer bags? Yeah, we appreciate that they're pretty rare.

Still, they are possible to find and are usually distributed by big-box stores like Macy's.

Just be sure that coupons you find don't exclude designer bags before heading down to the store with them. Also, ensure your local bag shop doesn't mark up prices so high that their coupons don't actually provide value.

10. Shop Abroad

If you have the means to do so, try heading to trendy areas in other countries to shop for designer bags. In many cases, you'll be able to find bags at steep discounts and won't have to pay sales tax.

Just be wary of knockoffs as they are abundant in many foreign locales.

With a Little Bit of Effort, Discounted Designer Bags Can Be Yours

There are tons of discounted designer bags out there that are every bit as amazing as the ones you'd pay thousands for at manufacturer locations. So, fight the temptation to walk into a Gucci store and instead, use our tips to buy your accessories without breaking the bank.

For additional shopping tips and tricks, check out more of the newest content on our blog!

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