4 Tips for Shopping Home Decor Flash Sales

4 Tips for Shopping Home Decor Flash Sales

Trying to find fabulous pieces for your home at a great bargain is not an easy task. Even the simplest of decorations can range in the hundreds of dollars for well-designed pieces, and it can be difficult to figure out where to splurge and where to go for the lower-end items. Luckily, many online flash sale sites like Fab.com and One Kings Lane have recently opened up to include home items and are offering huge discounts on designer items for limited amounts of time. If you’re new to flash sales, or are tired of trolling the off-brand sites to find that perfect replica, try some of these tips to score your next perfect home item for a price you can afford.

Stick with your color and pattern scheme.

When you’re shopping a flash sale, you typically have only minutes to decide on an item before it could potentially be bought by someone else. The entire process can be very rushed, leaving you with very little time to think about how a particular piece will fit in your home before buying. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly where you are (and where you want to go) in terms of color and design before you start shopping. Write a list of colors or patterns you’re looking for, so they are fresh in your mind. Or, better yet, take pictures of your space to place next to your computer. That way you can pull up the product image and immediately see how it will flow with the rest of your décor.

Know your favorite designers.

Instead of sifting through all the different flash sales sites and all the designers featured on them (not an easy task because new designers are featured all the time), simply limit your scope and focus on designers that you know you love. Try setting Google news alerts to pop up every time a favorite designer is mentioned by a flash sale site, or subscribe to emails so you can check who will be featured in a sale before logging on.

Decide which items are worth a splurge before you shop.

Before you ever set a virtual foot onto a flash sale site, figure out which items you can buy on the cheap elsewhere. Even though flash sale products are hugely reduced, they are still often designer pieces, so you’re not going to get them for nothing. If you could care less about your kitchen salad bowls or know of someone who woodworks coffee tables, make a mental (or, better yet, physical) note that there is no need to search for those particular products on flash sales. Then, figure out which products you have a hard time finding on the cheap and search for those regularly on flash sale sites.

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Set price limits and stick to them.

No matter how great a deal is, it’s not a great deal it you’re spending more than you can afford or using too many resources on only one item. Before you start shopping, make a list of the items you need, and figure out the highest price you are willing to pay. Then, even in the heat of the flash sale, don’t budge from your limit, or things could get out of control. This will help you make sure you are getting a deal that actually works for your budget.

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