5 Different Ways to Shed Unwanted Body Fat

Regardless of whether you want to slim down to look better or whether you want to lose weight to improve your health, it never hurts to shed your unwanted body fat. The thought of performing this tough task, however, has probably been enough to put you off giving it a go in the past.

Reduce Body Fat

To counter this, the next time you come to wanting to shed your unwanted body fat, you have to resolve to find the way of doing so that suits you the best. It will provide you with the technique and motivation needed in this venture to find real success with it.

Below, you’ll find a number of different fat-shedding techniques, and at least one of them is bound to suit you.

1. Begin strength and resistance training

Muscle mass is the best thing you can build if you want to tackle unwanted body fat. To build this, you're going to have to start strength training, which, of course, means you're going to have to begin lifting weights. When performing this task, make sure to ease yourself into it. By rushing in and attempting to lift a weight that is too heavy for you, you will either:

  • One: Hurt yourself
  • Two: Stop yourself from making any progress

In regards to the latter, lifting a weight too heavy for you will stop you from using the right form, and not lifting in the correct way will prevent you from building muscle. Strength training is something you have to do over an extended period of time. Over time, if you carry on with it religiously, you will see results.

Another form of training that you should be throwing yourself into in your quest to shed unwanted body fat is resistance, and no, this doesn’t mean resisting to train! Resistance training involves you performing exercises that see your muscles have to fight against an external force, an example being you using resistance bands and the muscles in your legs having to contract against them. By giving this type of exercise a go, you will find your fat-free mass being preserved, and that will then lead to an increase in the number of calories that you burn when resting. After only 10 weeks of such training, your body could find itself burning as much as 7% more calories when at rest.

2. Don’t forget the cardio!

It’s not just strength training, resistance training, and sit-ups that will see you achieve that slim stomach that you’ve always dreamed of, it’s partaking in cardio-vascular workouts, too. In fact, when it comes to weight loss, there isn't a better thing to do than to indulge in a bit of cardio.

Good cardio workouts to try out include:

  • Running at a moderate pace, no matter how far or over what distance
  • Elliptical workouts, be it on an incline stair climber machine in the gym or up hills and mountains
  • Cycling, either on an exercise bike or an actual cycle
  • Swimming for a short period every other day

3. Embrace a high-protein diet

When it comes to dieting in your attempt to shed some fat, there are two important factors to consider:

  • One: Your diet has to be fulfilling enough to reduce your appetite
  • Two: You have to be eating foods that burn fat rather than pile it on

A type of diet that covers both of these factors is a high-protein one. By eating protein-rich foods, such as chicken, various types of seafood, eggs, and different kinds of dairy, you will lower your risk of having belly fat to contend with. As well as this, your metabolism will be preserved, meaning you will not find yourself raiding your treat cupboard an hour after dinner.

Something else to consider when you come to switching up your diet is to add more vinegar to it. You should give this some thought because, believe it or not, alongside coming packed with a bucket-load of health-promoting properties in regards to both the heart and blood sugar control, an increase in vinegar intake is proven to assist when it comes to fat burning. Consuming just one tablespoon of it every day could burn belly fat immensely over a period of 12 weeks.

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4. Take healthy supplements

There’s nothing wrong with taking supplements in your attempt to shed some weight, so as long as they are healthy ones.

One such supplement that you should consider taking in this instance, especially if all else has seemingly failed you in your quest to lose weight, is clenbuterol. This supplement, which falls into the category of being a beta2-agonist, gets to work right away in making the bronchial muscles dilate. When this happens, body temperature is increased, which means fat is broken fat down easier, and oxygen transportation is improved, meaning endurance is upped and you’ll find harder put weight on. Before you resolve to take clenbuterol, make sure to learn more about the substance to ensure that the benefits of doing so outweigh the risks in your individual case.

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5. Get more sleep

Getting more sleep will benefit your health in a number of different ways, and it’ll help you to shed some weight. More to the point, a lack of sleep could contribute to an increase in your hunger hormones, and this will only ever put you more at risk of piling weight on rather than losing it. For this reason, you should try to stick to a sleep pattern that you sees you get a healthy amount of sleep each and every night, even on the weekends.

If you want to shed some unwanted body weight before the Christmas period really kicks in, then you need to resolve to put the above advice into practice sooner rather than later. Whether this means trying strength or resistance training, boosting your cardiovascular system, getting more protein into your diet, trying out different healthy supplements or getting more sleep, whatever you feel you need to do to assist you in your fat-busting venture, do it!

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