5 Of The Biggest Coupon Sites In The World

Coupon Sites

Getting into the habit of couponing can enable you to start making significant savings on your monthly spending; coupons can include everything from store-specific deals that you can pick up through newspapers and flyers, through to online sites that offer a wide range of different deals. When looking for the best coupon sites, it’s worth remembering that they tend to offer short term, limited time offers that need some preparation and discipline to stay on top of. With this in mind, what are some of the biggest and most popular coupon sites in the world, from SlickDeals through to GroupOn, and how have they managed to achieve their success?

5 – SlickDeals

This American based site has about 6 million unique visitors every month, and represents a large number of specific brands and sites. Users enter in their details and gain access to different shopping areas, with coupons aggregated around large brands and various areas – for example, SlickDeals provides deals on brands such as Amazon and Sears that will reduce the cost of shipping, or will lower the cost of buying in bulk. SlickDeals, like many of the websites on this list, also earns distinction through the eclectic coupon discounts it links to every day, which can include DVD boxsets, toilet paper, and shoes.

4 – Coupons.com

A simply titled website, but one that has 8.5 million average visitors, Coupons.com, like SlickDeals, is US based and covers a huge amount of name brands and specific discounts. Users can access the latest deals through the site, and can also use mobile apps to receive updates on the best new discounts and coupons. Moreover, Coupons.com’s Grocery iQ app is designed to enable users to customise their coupon selection to include their average shop. Other brands that have coupon deals on this site include Amazon and Holiday Inn.

3 – RetailMeNot

With 13 million users, RetailMeNot is a global coupons site that brands itself through the slogan ‘Score the Savings You Want’. Branded as VoucherCodes.co.uk in the UK, RetailMeNot offers coupon offers on everything from specific stores to takeaway pizzas, as well as printing companies like VistaPrint and flower companies. Much like the other major sites on this list, RetailMeNot provides users with options to focus on their favourite brands, or to browse an eclectic amount of daily deals, which can result in $20 dollars (around £15) of savings per individual orders.

2 – LivingSocial

The major hook of this site is its strong social basis, with users having to subscribe in order to gain access to coupon codes. LivingSocial has around 13.9 million users, and despite a few hacking issues in its past, remains one of the largest coupon sites in the world. LivingSocial is all about social brands, with members signing up to find out about major brands, as well as checking to see which deals are expiring. LivingSocial also distinguishes itself through coupon offers on parties and other events.

1 – GroupOn

Or ‘Group Coupon’, to give the site its full name, GroupOn is a global concern that has a distinctive couponing model. The site effectively partners with businesses to offer deep discounts, which are then justified by the large number of people that sign up to take advantage of it – GroupOn’s daily coupon partnerships with businesses are all about driving up the potential for profits with discounts (and GroupOn’s cut), and can be a great way to find deals. While there is some risk to businesses that sign up for schemes that generate large amounts of demand that they can’t meet, GroupOn can deliver significant, and regular, discounts on a large number of different brands.

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