Body Confidence Is The Latest Buzz-phrase, But What Does It Mean?

Body Confidence Is The Latest Buzz-phrase, But What Does It Mean?

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Last updated on October 9, 2017

Body Confidence Is The Latest Buzz-phrase, But What Does It Mean?

In the developing and progressive social attitude of our modern society, at least in the areas, we’d like to concern ourselves with, attitudes are becoming more and more friendly to developing people’s confidence. It’s simply not cool to shame people into feeling as though their bodies are wrong, or hard to look at. The phrase ‘body confidence’ is all about making people feel happy in themselves. However, often being defined in only half its value.

Body confidence should never mean that someone who is overweight, obese or unhealthy feels comfortable in continuing their bad habits. Trying to make someone believe this does them a disservice, so in the quest to make them feel better, you are actually insulting them. However, body confidence does have its value, in that losing weight and adhering to a body type which will help the person in question feel better and more health will take a self-confidence to do that. The issue of unhealthy eating habits arises due to a lack of confidence, and then when those habits become acceptable, they grow and become even more pronounced.

In this way, body confidence is something which can give you a solid start to become happier in your body and environment in the short term, with the aim of developing insight and potential towards actualizing your true self. However, ‘body confidence’ doesn’t simply arise because you wish it to. Problems with body image often occur over time, and grow to the point where they are hard to shift your perceptions outside of. If someone has been mistakenly ashamed about their birthmark, they are more likely to hide it, and will be less inclined on a subconscious level to reveal this through clothing or a lack of makeup.

Often, developing your body image will require a good amount of positive new behaviours and thought processes. This doesn’t mean in the slightest that this is an impossible aim. This article will hopefully give you some thoughtful methods to blossom your confidence to the point where you can accept what you can’t change, and feel the power to change what you can.


When we are suffering from body image issues, we often stop dressing as well as we used to. In some cases, this can also translate to the grooming standard we keep, or the makeup we wear if any at all. This isn’t to say you become unhygienic. It’s just that extensive grooming to make yourself feel and look great could have evaded your motivations for a while. You might have heard the phrase ‘fake it til you make it.’ This is one of those instances where it can come to light. If you make an effort to implement new makeup by visiting a beautician and having a makeover done with accompanying beauty advice, as well as purchasing new clothes to fill your wardrobe, that immediately tells you that you are worth the effort it takes to feel happy and whole in your aesthetic.

Consider wearing clothing you may not have done before, things that emphasize your femininity. You’re never at fault for wanting to seem approachable, light and even sexy. Sun dresses have a way of making any woman look and feel feminine, and experimenting with clothing of this type could help you find a totally new feeling you have never had fashion stimulate before.

Don’t Compare

We are constantly bombarded with images of overly beautiful people who are false, made up, and often have cosmetic work done. That is not beautiful. Aging with grace, feeling comfortable in your personality and body, and positively complementing how your friends look is beautiful. If you can, unfollow all of the ‘personalities’ you follow on social media. The Kardashian family are beautiful, but they don’t care about you. Make yourself and family the highest priority in your life, and a strange thing happens. You feel more comfortable and happier in yourself, and are more inclined to improve your beauty schedule in ways that make more sense for you and your aesthetic, as opposed to trying ‘hair like X’ or ‘lips like Y.’

Comparing is the root of insecurity, so be happy with your lot, and develop it as well as you can. This is true no matter what size, shape or age you are.


Fitness is something which sounds quite worrying to read on a post about body confidence. Surely body confidence should not have to rely on how well you can complete a 5k run? Yes, but we’d argue that over and above any aesthetic results of fitness, which come over a dripfed amount of time, exercising positive dominion over your body in this way is nothing if not positive, as you are able to keep a genuine sense of accomplishment in your physical form. There’s no better way than this to feel confident and in control of your body. The physical results will come later, but the mental benefits are too numerous to count here.

With these tips, you are likely to experience body confidence you never once thought possible.

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