Coupon Overload: Five Reasons to Donate It!

We’ve all seen those shows where people come in with 200 coupons and walk out with 200 boxes of cereal. Well, unless you’re going eat cereal 24 hours for the next 70 days, there’s probably a good chance that most of it is going to go bad. Since you don’t want to be that greedy person that walks in and purchases the entire inventory for yourself, you may want to
consider donating a good chunk of your coupon items next time a local shelter. While it’s okay to purchase those 200 boxes, it would be even better if 190 of them went to the food bank and here’s why:

#1 Helping Those in Need

Sadly, many people out there can’t live the life you’re living today. While many want to, some fall on hard times. Whether it’s a job loss, a death in the family or they have fell on hard times, a lot of people will rely on these food banks to help them through the tougher times. Since food banks are non-profit, they will rely on people like you for donations.

#2 Tax Deductible!

If you donate to charities, you will find that you can get most of your contributions deducted from your taxes at the end of the year. Now, keep in mind that you will have to actually spend money in order to claim a deduction. So if you spend $0, you can’t claim it on your taxes, but if you spent $1 on the item, you can deduct that $1.

#3 Things People Actually Can Use

The great thing about couponing is that most of your free items are going to be necessities that people need such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo and more. Generally, the things that never expire are often a huge hit at the shelters. While food is awesome too, try your best to donate a little bit of everything.

#4 Can Help Education

While food pantries are a great place to go, your local school is a great place to go as well. When you donate you to your local school during can drives, they can help your school with funding. They can turn around and take these donations to cash in with rewards. Ask your local school to see if they have any sort of program set up.

#5 Feel Good

Lastly, you shouldn’t just donate to save on your taxes. Instead, you should donate to help others and feel good inside. When you donate, you should feel happy deep down inside knowing that you have helped someone out there truly in need. Without your help, a lot of these families could potentially be in the street struggling for a bite to eat. Remember, many children out there can’t help it that their parents couldn’t take care of themselves.

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