While I was working (ok, just basically sitting) at the garage sale last weekend, I noticed a stranger coming up the driveway wearing a ShoppingBookmarks.com tshirt from a couple of years ago. The only people I’ve ever seen wear them are my friends and family that I’ve basically bribed to wear. So, I was excited to say, “Hey, I’m Kim from ShoppingBookmarks.com!” I would love to hear from others that still wear the cute yellow smiley face shirts!

I gave out over 200 tshirts back then, mailing most of them out to my newsletter subscribers. I made sure I sent one to every state in the USA and to about ten different countries.

Seeing that shirt made me think I need to order more! Plus I need a new one myself. So, stay tuned as I’m sure I’ll be giving away more free tshirts soon to my newsletter readers.

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