Free Poise Pads from Sam’s Club

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Did you know 1 in 3 women has light bladder leakage? I'll go ahead and admit I'm one of those women (I blame it on having four kids and getting older), so don't be ashamed if you are too.

Poise® pads give you one less thing to worry about. Now you can laugh with your friends and family without worrying about unexpected leakage. And you can try Poise® pads for FREE! You can experience the soft comfort Poise® has to offer by requesting a FREE sample from Sam's Club. Poise is available at Sam's Clubs during the October Women's Health program, and Sam's Club members can save $11.72 per box of Poise by purchasing at a Sam's Club.

Now I just have to keep them from my three menstruating daughters who steal them to use as sanitary pads! TMI, I know!

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