Free Shares of Stock from Robinhood

There's A Free Stock Waiting For You Kim invited you to Robinhood! Sign up now to find out what free stock you'll get. It could be a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint.

Long time readers may remember years ago when PayPal offered $5 bonuses for signing up and referring friends. Then Travelzoo offered free shares of stock for registering and referring friends. I benefited greatly from both opportunities, and they both became household names. Offering something free to sign up and refer friends is a great way to get the word out about a new online service. But it's also a great way for websites to collect email addresses and such to spam people, so I like to research companies now before I actually recommend them to make sure that they are legit.

Get Free Stock from Robinhood

I read about Robinhood, a free stock trading app, a few months ago, but I wanted to play around with it before sharing it with anyone. If you are new to stock trading, this is super easy to use and there are $0 fees to buy stocks, plus all securities are insured up to $500,000. How do they make money you ask? By lending unused funds and upselling accounts. They also have raised $110 million in capital, so they are pretty big in the game, and I can honestly recommend them now.

Robinhood is offering a Free Stock just for signing up

Free Shares of Stock from Robinhood

  • 1 in 90 chance of getting Facebook, Apple or Microsoft stock
  • 1 in 40 chance of getting Ford, Spring or Snap stock
  • 100% chance of getting a free share of stock of each friend that joins!

I received a free share of Zynga (ZNGA) stock. Sure, it's only worth $3.63 (of of today), but free is free! Zynga makes all those popular social games that everyone plays, like Words with Friends and FarmVille.

So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up with Robinhood! Leave me a comment and let me know what free share of stock you received!

Claim your Free Share of Stock at Robinhood now!


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