Frugal Fashionista: 5 Ways to Save Money on Cosmetics

Frugal Fashionista - 5 Ways to Save Money on Cosmetics

Perhaps you love the way a little makeup can enhance your natural beauty. What you probably aren’t so thrilled about is the way your cosmetics purchases can tend to eat away at your budget. If you’re struggling to afford your beauty regimen, here are a few tips that can keep you looking fabulous for less.

Be Careful to Use Up Your Cosmetics before Purchasing More

This seems like a simple tip, but you’d be surprised at how common it is for people to have two or three of the same beauty product sitting in their bathroom cabinet at the same time. If you check out your own cosmetics bag you may find several of the same shade or nearly the same shade of blush, lipstick, or eye color. Why do we do it?

Often we buy these items on impulse while we’re out at the store without taking time to take stock of what we already own. Don’t fall into that trap. Instead, take note of the cosmetics item that catches your eye. Then go home and check to see if you already have it or have something similar enough that the purchase wouldn’t be a wise investment. Since makeup expires, you want to be sure to use up what you have while it’s still good before buying more of the same thing.

Cut Back on Time Spent Wearing Cosmetics

Though wearing a full face of makeup may be advisable for work or for a special occasion, if your cosmetics budget is limited, you may want to rethink wearing it all the time. Perhaps when you know you’re just going to be home alone for the day you could skip some or all of your makeup routine. Your skin can actually benefit when you take a break from makeup for the day or two from time to time. Cutting back on your makeup use is certainly a smart way to stretch your cosmetics spending dollars.

Look for Great Deals

Rather than purchasing whatever makeup catches your eye next time you’re out at the mall, learn to look for sales at your favorite cosmetics store. You could also consider looking at some quality discount cosmetics retailers for less expensive versions of the same types of cosmetics you already buy. There are certain times of the year, like at the end of a season or close to the holidays, when different brands may go on sale as well.

Consider Purchasing from a Cosmetics Agent

There are a number of high-quality cosmetics companies that use direct marketing to sell products to their customers. Working with a cosmetics agent from a company like Nu Skin could be a great way to save money and find products that are healthy for your skin. You can research to find the company and products that are right for you. Some of these companies offer free or discounted products to reward people who host parties for their cosmetics agents. If you’re impressed by the quality of the products you may want to consider becoming an agent yourself to have a chance to receive even more discounts!

Request Cosmetics for Holiday and Birthday Gifts

If you love cosmetics and can’t always afford the ones you want, there’s no shame in letting your friends and family know so they can give them to you as gifts. Rather than get another ugly holiday sweater or gift card for an overpriced restaurant, you could ask for certain products or gift cards for specific cosmetics companies. Often people are thrilled to know what a person really wants so they can get a gift that they know will be used and appreciated.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some ideas about how you can afford to achieve your ideal appearance. Happy shopping!

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