Getting More for Less: Making Your Vacation Budget Go Further

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Last updated on July 19, 2021

Getting More for Less_ Making Your Vacation Budget Go Further

As much as we all need a break from time to time going on vacation can be a strain on the family finances, which is why you often need to find some ways to make your money go further.

Here are some pointers on what sort of money-saving strategies you can use on vacation to have a great time without busting the family budget, including a way to boost your budget before you get there, no-brainer strategies for enjoying some free entertainment, plus a suggestion to avoid wasting your cash on some things that you probably don’t need.

Pick your times

A good starting point when it comes to having as much money as possible available toward your vacation spending pot is to try and be savvy with when you travel.

If you can travel at some of the cheapest times it can make a big difference to the cost of your vacation and that will mean that you will have more left over to spend when you actually get there.

Flight prices vary according to the day you travel and if you can also pick a date that is not considered peak season, that will also deliver some big savings.

Free entertainment

If you head to a major city destination or a popular area with plenty of attractions there are bound to be some entertainment freebies that you can take advantage of.

Once you have checked in at a hotel like the Marriott Protea you can start searching around for a list of the museums, parks, art galleries and other attractions in the area that often don’t charge for entry.

Soaking up some of the local sights of historical interest and cultural highlights is a real no-brainer when they are free to enter. Add some of these to your itinerary for the week and you will be doing a great job of stretching your budget.

Go steady with the souvenirs

If there is one thing that often eats into your holiday budget without delivering much in return it’s spending on souvenirs.

Nothing wrong with wanting a memento from your time away of course, but it often pays to be a bit savvy with your shopping and ask yourself whether you really want some of the items you are thinking about buying.

Enjoy some fresh air

Fresh air and natural scenery are often free to inhale and enjoy so it makes a lot of sense to plan some trips in the area where you can go for a trek and see the natural beauty of the area without spending money.

Even major cities have plenty of parks and open spaces that you can explore and enjoy. When you are searching out the museums and other attractions you might like to visit for free make sure you also check out where you might be able to go for some fresh air and plenty of fun.

You don’t have to cut down on your enjoyment just because you are spending less, so use some of these savvy strategies and see how far you can stretch your travel budget.

Tips To Vacation For Less

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