How Hair Changes How We Look

How Hair Changes How We Look

Do you need a quick change up of your look? Try targeting your hair. Hair is something we all grow, cut, shape, and style. It can show us off or hide us away. It completes a night out look and gets thrown into a bun for a professional or hard working session. Whatever you choose to do with your hair, it changes how you look.

There’s a lot of stock put into different face shapes and what styles are best for them. But the burning question is, how do different hair cuts really change how we look?

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It Can Frame The Face

Longer hair is great at this, especially when using tape in hair extensions to really maximise the effect by including hair you don’t have. Curls also work well for hair that’s thinner or is too short for a proper long do, as they give people something intricate and stylish to frame the face.

If you’re insecure about your face shape, or like the way hair makes you look, then having longer hair to frame your face is for you. Bangs on your forehead look great and have easy maintenance, as they help to shorten a face or hide a wide head. Side bangs on the other hand can cut off part of the upper face and angle out a round shape, which makes it a popular choice for a lot of teenagers.

You’ve probably seen a lot of guides on finding the right hairstyle to suit your face shape, but the thing is, you can cut your hair however you want to. Yes heart shaped faces look good with short hair, and oval faces work well with layers, but those aren’t the only styles.

Or…It Can Show Off Every Detail Of Your Face

By creating angles with a cut, your face shape changes, and leaves a little something to the imagination. However, showing off your face works well as well when you have hair that only covers your head.

Hair truly changes our perception of a person. Seeing as human beings tend to judge on appearance alone, a lot of people play up to this. Showing off your face means you’re less likely to have a breakout from blocked pores caused by greasy hair, and your skin is able to breathe.

It can make you show off your natural face shape, and really allow people to have a proper look at how beautiful you are. If you have a pixie cut for example, your eyes can look larger and the whole of your face works in tandem with them.

If you have shoulder length hair, you can really show off your natural jawline. Having an angular face means you should work this for all you can as it looks incredible.

Look for professional advice if you need some. Stylists and barbers have a lot of experience in finding out what your hair can do for you. Book a hairdressers appointment and test out some looks and styles.

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