How to Personalize Your Wardrobe

How to Personalize Your Wardrobe

When you buy so many of your possessions off the shelf in a store, and you know hundreds, maybe thousands of people own the same cherished coat, cardigan or shoes that you hold dear, feeling like your wardrobe is truly individual can be difficult. The less likely your clothes are to be replicated on the streets, the more likely they are to be old or out of fashion, languishing in those hard-to-reach corners and rarely seeing the light of day. Without advocating a complete revolution in your style, here are some ways to make your outfits more personal to you.

Think About Your Style

The likelihood is that your particular style has changed year on year as you have developed as a person, and as youve been exposed to different people, cultures, music, and film that influence what you think looks good. Thats fine – natural, even – but it means that your wardrobe is probably a mishmash of different looks that youre well aware dont really work together. Think on, read about, and decide on a style that you think is fluid and flexible enough to work around over time, and use this as your base.

Out With the Old

Assemble all the bits and bobs from your wardrobe that you simply dont wear anymore and that you feel is a direct contradiction to the style youve decided to invest in. Its not the time to bag them just yet, though! Have a good think about each item before you consign it to the graveyard of your fashion pieces – can it be adapted? Can you cut new holes and shapes, or add new bits of fabric, to make it uniquely you? If so, youll be combining your creative and design-minded personality traits directly into your clothing – a good look!

Find Add-ons

The best example of these are the sew-on patches found at Patches4Less – you know like the ones sewn on the upper sleeve of the emergency services, or the beasts of biker gang membersleather jackets. Oozing cool while also revealing tantalizing snippets about your life and your passions, customizing elements like patches, badges, buttons, and slogans will add a level of personal depth to your clothing, ensuring youre never quite like anyone else.

Let Your Comfort Guide You

Both when it comes to selecting new clothes and wearing older pieces of attire, your real aim is to wear exactly what you feel most comfortable in. This includes what you wear to work. You can tailor it to items that are both physically and spiritually cozy to have on. Allowing yourself to feel as at ease as possible will allow your stress-free and breezy personality to shine through which, above all else, is how to captivate, influence and win over admirers in your daily life.

These four rules should provide ample food for thought when considering how to apply changes to your wardrobe that communicate your individuality. Remember that a whole new wardrobe is not necessary to achieve these aims – just some thoughtful introspection, some creativity, and the will to show yourself off.

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