How To Save $$$ When You Travel

How to save $$$ when you travel

These days the biggest cost of traveling is not the flight to get to your destination, its the money you spend when you get there. Two nights of a hotel can easily equal the cost of, or more than the flight you took. Plus, since hotels offer minimal ways of cooking, you’ll also be spending money on every meal as well. A cheap round trip with Southwest Airlines ends up being a lot more expensive when you figure in all the extra costs of transportation, food and lodging.

How To Taxi From The Airport Cheap

A little known secret. If you use Uber, often times they aren’t allowed to go to the airport because of regulations. My workaround? Often times I’ll walk across the street from the airport to a nearby street. Another idea is to take the shuttle to the airport rental car outside the airport and get picked up there. Uber ends up being quite a bit cheaper than a regular taxi or limousine company, plus you often wait less than you would in the taxi line.

In addition, you can also seek out an airport ready hotel such as the Hyatt.  Always within a few miles of the city’s major airport, if you book with an airport ready hotel you are either able to walk across the street to your lodging, or receive free shuttle transportation to get you there, both of which save you lots of money.

How To Find Lodging Cheaper

I almost use Hotwire’s hidden fares to get my hotel. I’ve gotten great hotel stay for under $100 often 4 to 4.5 stars. The downside is that sometimes the location is not exactly what you wanted. Just make sure to check the reviews and generally a 90% or great view means a good location and a good hotel. Don’t stay anywhere less than an 80% ranking.

Secondly, try Airbnb, I’ve seen some great last minute deals. Just make sure you only use instant book as you could wait awhile if not to see if you even had your Airbnb room accepted.

Third, try a youth hostel. They do offer private rooms. In my personal experience, I’ve even seen whole families stay at hostels. If you are doing this in Europe, it's common place. Make sure to read the reviews or even call the hostel and ask about the vibe. If you are not looking for a party atmosphere you definitely need to find out that where you are going isn’t some young 20s party haven.

Eating Out Cheaper When Traveling

Check local blogs for happy hour. Often times during the day, since you are probably sightseeing anyway, you can find some great deals on drinks and food. For instance if I was traveling to Miami I would search Google for Miami Happy Hours and get a list of what happy hours exist.

Make sure to check out what group deals are available. Often times before I even travel I’ll check out a city's Groupon deals and buy a deal in advance so I know I have the deal when I arrive.

Another tip to avoid spending a lot when traveling? Make sure to carry small snacks with you. Often airlines give out no food, so it is always handy to have some travel mix in your backpack to munch on instead of spending on the expensive airplane food. This works great when walking around as well so you can subside your hunger rather than snacking throughout your trip.

How To Save $$$ When You Travel

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